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Hello There!  I am glad to see you here and thank you for your interest in advertising with Home For4 Sweet Home!

Living in a basic builder house, I am constantly doing something to make it prettier and putting a stamp to a house to become our home, all in wallet-friendly way.

I absolutely love supporting my fellow bloggers, companies, brands, and hand-made store owners (storenvy, etsy or similar).

My readers are a bunch of very nice, open-minded individuals.  Mostly female with interests on the following:
♥ Cleaning
♥ Home Keeping
 Arts & Crafts
 Re-purposing or Upcycling
 Mom Fashion
 Home Decor
By being a sponsor, I can help get your name out through various social networks to my readers.

Home For4 Sweet Home started in December 2011 and has been growing in readership consistently. 
December 2014 Stats:
Facebook:  269
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Bloglovin: 528
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Other opportunities.

Giveaways:  Home For4 Sweet Home would love to host a giveaway for your business or your blog.  We will feature your product/brand/business by showing pictures with a link back to your site & promoting through various social media.

Product Reviews: Home For4 Sweet Home is proudly offering an in-kind product reviews for your product/brand/business.  There will be no charge to this as long as I can get to keep the product that is being reviewed.  I will then give my honest likes & positive review to the product/brand/business.  But if for some reason, I am not able to come up with a positive review, the sponsor will be contacted right away via email.

If you or your company is a good fit, you may email me at homefor4sweethome@gmail.com so we can talk about working & growing together.

Thank you.
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