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Monday, December 3, 2018

Elf Fun Day 3 - With a Basket Asking for Toys Donation

I am now convinced that my kids' elves are good elves.

Today they came back by our Christmas Tree with a message "It's nice to give too :) Please fill up this basket with toys you want to give and I will take them to the North Pole for other kids."

This is something that all kids should learn that Christmas is not just about receiving - IT IS ALSO GIVING.

This morning, when my kids saw their elves they were already thinking what toys they are willing to part with so other kids can also enjoy.

We had a talk about how much they have - more than they need - and that there are a lot of kids all over the world that has nothing and it would be really nice to share what they have.

My husband and I both grew up without much and we always try to instill to our kids to appreciate what they have and never take any blessing for granted.

I am just so glad that their elves share the same values.

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