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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Elf Fun Day 1 - Hanging by the Door

The kids woke up and got so excited to see their elves came today.

The elves were hanging by the their bedroom doors like a spiderman, with a message.  That says "Hi! Santa sent me to spy on you :) can you name me please :)".  Well it didn't take them very long to name their elves and they kept on warning me not to touch it otherwise it's going to lose it's magical powers and can't go back to the North Pole.
They're pretty thrilled about this and is looking forward what their elves are gonna be up to tomorrow.

Do you also have elves that showed up in your house today?  I'd like to hear how they showed up.

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  1. Elves weren't so en vogue when my kids were little. It's a shame, because we could really get creative! I love how yours debuted.

    1. Aww, I'm pretty sure they would have enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.


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