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Monday, March 13, 2017

Outfit Inspiration | Blush Puffer Vest and Grays

Hello ladies! I hope you found something you like on my Spring Favorites | Dresses Edition and also scored some deals and got something you like on my list of High/Low Favorites | Floral Dress Edition.

Since the spring weather is really avoiding this side of the world, let's talk again about how I am blushing with blush these days.  Blush puffer vest - yes, why not?

I bought this puffer vest on the Jan 1st sale at Dillards.  My sister and I started this tradition, where we always go every 1st of January at Dillards to go shopping.  I tell you what, they really have some good deals on that day!

Also shop T.J.Maxx's for a great selection of Down and Puffer Jackets!
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I am wearing a gray sweater, skinny jeans and gray booties in this outfit inspiration.  What I love about this outfit is that it doesn't look or feel heavy but it was definitely warm enough to go out to work at 45°.  The brown booties is also very comfortable when driving and walking (save big on the boot and booties you want now at T.J.Maxx).

The outfit pieces are very basic but to make it pop out is to add accessories such as, statement necklace, watch with bracelet layers and a mirrored aviator sunglasses.

I hope you find today's post inspiring.  If you have some questions or suggestions as to what you want me to wear on my next outfit inspiration post, leave a comment below.

Inspired by my outfit?  Check out some similar items below.
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Friday, March 10, 2017

High/Low Favorites | Floral Dress Edition

Floral Dress // High  | Low
Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress // High  | Low
Blush Swing Dress // High  | Low

Tell me if it's just me or you're also like me.  I like to tell people how cheap I bought something or if I bought it on sale.  If somebody complements my shoes/clothes/whatever, I'll tell that person "oh I got it for $15 ☺".  It makes me proud of myself that I didn't spend that much money to buy it.

So today I'd be sharing high/low of the floral dresses that I've been swooning for spring look (see post here).

One of my go to places to score deals is TJ Maxx.  You might want to check out TJ Maxx for new deals everyday.   Shop T.J.Maxx for Block Sandals,Wedge Sandals, Heeled Sandals or Flat Sandals.

Now, let's just say the quality is not comparable, for me if the item that I am buying is seasonal, like spring dresses, it's fine.  Because I don't normally wear my spring dresses all year round.  That being said, it makes the clothes last a little longer.

One of the things that I also do to keep my clothes last longer is that I air dry them.  

Finally, since I always want to buy something new every year.  Spending $20 versus $120 is a lot better, unless of course if you have the money to burn, then by all means - go for it.  I would ♥

What's your favorite high or low?  Do you have any deals secret that you want to share.

If you're planning on shopping, please also stop by and browse my "Shop" tab on the top navigation bar.  Thanks!

Happy Friday and see you next time!  
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Get Ready for Spring | Spring Favorites

Deewatch Inspiration 
I love love everything blush - pinkish - flower - and - spring color lately.  The above dresses are all from F21 and I love them all ♥

But I am totally obsessed with this one in particular.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Outfit Inspiration | White Jeans with Blush Sweater and Camel Coat

Okay, I think I jinxed it since we had a little bit of flurries last week after a beautiful record-high weather the week before that.

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