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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tbdress Cheap Women Outerwear 2016 Online Unique Show for You

Although winter is still right around the corner - it already feels like it.  The very cold mornings and even colder evenings.  Not all of us are looking forward to this kind of weather but if we just try to dress appropriately for the weather with style - it's going to be just fine♥

It's that time of the year again to take out our coats or buy new ones.  Tbdress has collaborated with me to let you know that there are still inexpensive coats out there!  

Below are five of my favorite items from Tbdress plus size outerwear sale and Tbdress cheap outerwears collections.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Outfit Inspiration | Leggings and Sweater with Camel Boots

I pulled together today's outfit inspiration for fall.
Sometimes in my area the weather is so perfectly fall and this outfit can go with wherever you may want to go.  I also like wearing sexy plus size clothing in this weather because it is very comfortable.  In some days, I also go for cute dresses with leggings.  
 I mean --- comfy knee-high boots to go pick up your kids from school or go to work, who doesn't want that? ♥
 Oh how about that saddle bag!  This bag I have been using since I bought it. ♥

I always scarf it out to keep me warm enough or if it's warm enough in the middle of the day, it can easily be taken off.
I hope you enjoyed today's outfit inspiration and remember....

Inspired by my outfit?  Check out some similar items below.
For more cute dresses, visit here and also visit here for more sexy plus size clothing.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Church Wedding | Pre Wedding Photos

Hi Everyone!  I hope my post on Church Wedding | To Hire a Wedding Planner or Do it Yourself? has helped you or your family or your friend's decision making.

Today's post is all about our wedding, I am just going to share the pre-wedding photos that was taken on our wedding day.

I hope you enjoyed viewing our pre-wedding photos.

Photo Credits: Heavenly Weddings Cebu, Wendell Good Photos and Team Hammer Productions.
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