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Monday, October 10, 2016

Organizing | Kids Closet

I'm so excited to share this organizing project that I did recently.  If you're interested in seeing what it used to look like, here's a photo of it.
This is actually a photo of my first or I think second attempt to organize this space 4 years ago.  Yeah, that's how we do things around here - nice anndd sslllooww.  Ha!

But anyway, what's important is that we find more ways to make organizing work and keeping it organized.

So this is my next attempt, some storage cubes and canvas boxes.  We bought the 6 cube storage organizer from Target. Then we bought the canvas boxes from Walmart.  We didn't spend so much money to organize this space, we just had to work together.  Yeah, believe it or not, this project was a family event.  We all helped to bring this to where it's at.
The kids helped in organizing their clothes and placed it in the right boxes.  To identify what is inside these boxes, I created a label and tie it on the canvas pulls.  Since my daughter is still in Kindergarten and doesn't know how to read yet.  The special thing that I did on the labels is that, I drew something on it. 
 It was free-handed by yours truly ♥  She loves it since she can tell what is inside these boxes now.

We also bought some shelf dividers from Menards. To divvy the shelf up between these two kiddos.
And finally, we have the plastic shoe organizer hanging on both sides to store their basketball shorts, board shorts and swimsuits and leggings.

Yes, these are still the same organizer that I posted about 3 years ago.  Remember the "Not Your Regular Shoe Organizer".  Still going stronger.
There it is my friends!  Let's see how long we can keep this organized.  I mean, if it won't be anymore, we can always close these doors. lol!
Until then my friends...Have a wonderful day and happy organizing!
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