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Monday, October 17, 2016

Kids Homework Station

One of the things that I struggle so much is a space for my children to do their homework.  It has happened in the past school years where they just do it on the dining table, kitchen island and even on the floor - just to do their homework.
The kids are so happy and The Mr. and I, are so happy that they finally have a space to do their homework.

We bought these two narrow desks from Target.  It's a basic desk from Room Essentials in espresso color.  We decided to go with this one because of it's dimensions, we were looking for something that isn't too narrow and it isn't too big and wouldn't take up a lot of the living room space downstairs.  This is the perfect desk for us.
There are a lot of things that I like about this desk.  The color, of the top and how the legs contrasts that color.  The legs is a little industrial and so easy to push in the chair since nothing is blocking under the table.  The price was not too bad as well and I was actually impressed at how sturdy these desks are.  The size is just enough for the kids to do their homework.

We also bought the chairs from Target, same brand for $24.99 each.  Pretty good price and we did not expect a really sturdy chair since only the kids will be using these chairs.
Then we also used the same crate that we have been using for organizing their daily school work.  Green for him and purple for her.  The hooks where they need to hang their backpacks has not been installed yet, so they just put their backpacks on top of their crates for now.
Now, the kids have their own space when either working on their homeworks or just coloring and drawing.
It looks clean and simple and we're all happy with it.  Until then...
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