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Monday, October 17, 2016

Kids Homework Station

One of the things that I struggle so much is a space for my children to do their homework.  It has happened in the past school years where they just do it on the dining table, kitchen island and even on the floor - just to do their homework.
The kids are so happy and The Mr. and I, are so happy that they finally have a space to do their homework.

We bought these two narrow desks from Target.  It's a basic desk from Room Essentials in espresso color.  We decided to go with this one because of it's dimensions, we were looking for something that isn't too narrow and it isn't too big and wouldn't take up a lot of the living room space downstairs.  This is the perfect desk for us.
There are a lot of things that I like about this desk.  The color, of the top and how the legs contrasts that color.  The legs is a little industrial and so easy to push in the chair since nothing is blocking under the table.  The price was not too bad as well and I was actually impressed at how sturdy these desks are.  The size is just enough for the kids to do their homework.

We also bought the chairs from Target, same brand for $24.99 each.  Pretty good price and we did not expect a really sturdy chair since only the kids will be using these chairs.
Then we also used the same crate that we have been using for organizing their daily school work.  Green for him and purple for her.  The hooks where they need to hang their backpacks has not been installed yet, so they just put their backpacks on top of their crates for now.
Now, the kids have their own space when either working on their homeworks or just coloring and drawing.
It looks clean and simple and we're all happy with it.  Until then...
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Outfit Inspiration | Plaid Shirt with Ripped Jeans

Hey guys!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you were able to take advantage of some awesome deals and steals that I shared on my Instagram.

Last outfit inspiration was totally transitional and hopefully it inspired you. 

Today's post is all about plaid shirt.  I like how laid back, easy and casual plaid shirt is or any button down shirts for that matter.
Wearing it untuck or tuck or half-tuck is totally up to you - mine is half-tucked.  
I usually half tuck my shirts.  Why?  Same reason why I do wear a slim belt with my dress --- to define my waist.  It's some kind of a trick that I have been doing since forever.

My plaid shirt was from JCPenney, St. John Bay.  It' normally $40 but bought it for $19.99 and they still have this on sale right now for $23.99.  It's extra 30% off if you use your JCP card or 25% if you use other payment method.  Either way, it's a deal!  Code: BUYNOW42
Paired it with a ripped jeans to give it even more casual look.  I actually wore this to meet up with my sister, with the kids at the mall.  Forever21 has a really cute white ripped jeans for only $19.90.  I mean, that is a steal! 

Then, with my Franco Sarto brown booties.  Hey by the way, don't forget to cuff your jeans a little bit enough to show some skin.  Apparently this is how we should wear it. ♥  I guess to give it an effortless look.  I like to cuff my jeans with my white sneakers, with flats, sandals or flip flops.  And you can cuff it however you want it.
You can see my official photographer on the door reflection in the photo above.  That's my son and he's always contracted for free to take my outfit inspiration photos.  This photo I had to share because he asked me to do a duck face and I am not a duck face type of person.  Yeah, that's the best I can duck!

And yes, that brown saddle bag is still on sale at Macys for $39.99.
I hope you enjoyed today's outfit inspiration and remember....
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Organizing | Kids Closet

I'm so excited to share this organizing project that I did recently.  If you're interested in seeing what it used to look like, here's a photo of it.
This is actually a photo of my first or I think second attempt to organize this space 4 years ago.  Yeah, that's how we do things around here - nice anndd sslllooww.  Ha!

But anyway, what's important is that we find more ways to make organizing work and keeping it organized.

So this is my next attempt, some storage cubes and canvas boxes.  We bought the 6 cube storage organizer from Target. Then we bought the canvas boxes from Walmart.  We didn't spend so much money to organize this space, we just had to work together.  Yeah, believe it or not, this project was a family event.  We all helped to bring this to where it's at.
The kids helped in organizing their clothes and placed it in the right boxes.  To identify what is inside these boxes, I created a label and tie it on the canvas pulls.  Since my daughter is still in Kindergarten and doesn't know how to read yet.  The special thing that I did on the labels is that, I drew something on it. 
 It was free-handed by yours truly ♥  She loves it since she can tell what is inside these boxes now.

We also bought some shelf dividers from Menards. To divvy the shelf up between these two kiddos.
And finally, we have the plastic shoe organizer hanging on both sides to store their basketball shorts, board shorts and swimsuits and leggings.

Yes, these are still the same organizer that I posted about 3 years ago.  Remember the "Not Your Regular Shoe Organizer".  Still going stronger.
There it is my friends!  Let's see how long we can keep this organized.  I mean, if it won't be anymore, we can always close these doors. lol!
Until then my friends...Have a wonderful day and happy organizing!
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Outfit Inspiration | Fall Transition

One of the nice things about fall weather is that when it's cool but not that cold, you can still use your dresses then layer it with jacket or sweater and pair with booties to keep your toes warm enough.

Today's outfit inspiration is what that is.  I'm wearing a plum shift dress that I bought from Forever 21.  You should shop now, they have a big Columbus sale going on it's buy one get one free, Code:BOGOFREE.
I paired it with a brown booties that was from DSW, the brand is Franco Sarto and gosh it's so comfortable.  Although it looks like suede in the photo but it is actually leather upper(Franco Sarto Appeal bootie).  I love that is pointed, it's brown and it has the trendy block heel.  
It was $139 and now on sale at $69.94 plus they have a sale going on with Code:FALLSAVINGS.
Some of you may have seen this brown saddle bag that I posted on Instagram. 
 It may seem so small but it holds so much, it has been my purse since I bought it.  Got this from Macy's and now it's on sale for $49.99 original $109.50.  Giani Bernini Saffiano Top-Zip Mini Saddle Bag, it has 6 other colors you guys should check it out.  Here's some of my favorites:
I know right?!! What about that pastel rose, love ♥  Anyway Macy's has free shipping at $50 plus 20% off with Code:SUPER.

To define my waistline, I used a black slim belt.
Finally, I layered it with a blush jacket.  Can't really remember where was this from but you can see similar below.
I hope you like today's outfit inspiration, remember...
Inspired by my outfit?  Check out some similar items below.

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