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Friday, September 30, 2016

Church Wedding | To Hire a Wedding Planner or Do it Yourself?

Thank you for all the kind words on my post about us receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony.  We really appreciate it.

When we decided to have that church wedding, one of the major decisions that we had to make was:
to hire a wedding planner or do it ourselves?

We, by all means, are average or middle class people.  That being said, the intention was to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony - within reasonable budget.  
Since most of our family are in the Philippines and that it was more practical to have it there than over here in the US.  To determine the need of hiring a wedding planner was a big one.  It is actually considered a destination wedding.

Although we like the idea of planning the wedding, we also know the factors that may affect the whole planning due to our unique situation. 
We are in the US and we're doing the wedding in the Philippines within our two weeks stay there. 
That's right my friends - 2 weeks.
So The Mr. and I listed some questions in order for us to determine the need for a wedding planner.

1) Do we have time to take or make calls during the night to select vendors, discuss details and make decisions, knowing that Philippines is 13 hours ahead of where we're at?

2) Does our family in the Philippines would have time to coordinate with all the wedding planning process or will it just create a conflict if something will go wrong on the wedding day?
3) Do we have any idea what things like cake, flowers, etc, cost?
When we answered NO to questions 1 to 3, we're left with the final question.

4) If we decide to hire, can we afford it?

To answer the last question, we did our research.

We relied on searching online on the local wedding planners.  We read online reviews, sent private messages to couples that had hired them in the past, browsed through their facebook albums of weddings that they did.

We compared packages, pricing and do they have excellent photograph and video because after all the excitement and experience - what's left to see are photos and videos.
And the the most important factor of it all - their expertise - because "expertise can save time and money".

When we finally decided to hire a wedding planner -  we also considered two most important items to our decision, to make this long-distance relationship work:
     ♥ accommodating contact person
     ♥ fairly quick to respond to our questions - via messenger

And our signal turned green with Heavenly Weddings, specifically to Miss Honeylyn Navaja.  She has a phenomenal customer service!
"Heavenly Weddings Cebu was born out of a passion for  hassle free celebration of life and love.  The team comprises of passionate men and women who had braved the waves and the rigors of coordinating and creating experiences -  weddings." ~ Heavenly Wedding Website

We are so happy with our decision to hire a wedding planner.  It reduced our stress in the whole wedding planning process, they got it all planned out, we feel so special on the wedding day having a crew to coordinate the whole process. 

Our wedding turned out heavenly.
Here's a post that I did on the day of our wedding and a photo with the Heavenly Wedding crew.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something from this post.  More wedding related posts coming soon.

Until then...

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