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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day of School Photos

It has been my tradition to post first day of school photos here in my blog.

As I was looking back at my old first day of school photos, it is quite unbelievable to realize how much our kids have grown.

Today is their first day of school, we have a third grader and a kindergartner here.
Yeah, they're both on a regular school hours now, no more play school.
They have been very excited to go back to school, they woke up early, earlier than me even.  That's how excited they were this morning.
Even with the first day of school picture-taking, they had so much energy.  So I took a lot of photos.
But it also felt weird this morning....

Weird in a way that I won't be driving any of our kids to school anymore because they will be both getting on the school bus. felt that kind of weird....

When the school bus picked them up this morning, as my husband and I watched them got in...
It felt something more...

Looking at them made me think that they are a little independent now...

Looking at them made me realize that they can be on their own but at the same time have each others' back.
Sorry for the last picture, they got rained on this morning :)

To our beautiful kids, we wish you both goodluck on your learning endeavor this school year. 

We also pray for you both a healthy, happy, safe and peaceful school year!

Mommy and Daddy love you both so so much!

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  1. That's a big deal when they both are heading off to school. You're lucky they get to go together on the bus. It's nice to have family with you. They both looked great too. :) Wishing them a great school year!

  2. Thanks Rosey! You're right we're lucky that they get to go together on the bus. I have slowed down blogging for a while now and I'm glad to see you here. I saw your blog look changed, it looks wonderful and your followers have been increasing ♥


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