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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Outfit Inspiration | White Sneakers, White Shirt, White Jeans & Statement Necklace

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Although I wear heels all the time (#shortwomenproblem) at work then drive in my flats.  The older I get the more my feet hurts, resulting to my slow obsession on sneakers - white specifically ♥

Today's post is the first of the White Sneakers Outfit inspiration.  If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this photo.
There's nothing more cooler than wearing all white.   

Soft white shirt, white jeans and white sneakers with a statement necklace is all I needed that day.
I got my Vans white sneakers at DSW but there are many options of white sneakers online.  I also like chuck taylor and if you like coral, you would definitely like sperry below, see link below.

Wearing a statement necklace will also give you a pop of color.  Bright red lipstick does that too ☺
I hope you like today's outfit inspiration.  Remember...
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Sacrement of Matrimony

Today, I would like to share the most memorable and most important experience of my family.

The Mr. and I have been civilly married for more than 8 years and being both Catholics, it has been our dream to be blessed with the Sacrament of Matrimony, in the Catholic church, in the presence of our family and friends, and in the Philippines. 
We were both born in the Philippines and now American Citizens.  To be able to have the church wedding there, it would really mean so much more for us.

We also thought of having the church wedding here in the US but my parents and my siblings, except for my older sister, all live in the Philippines.  It would be easier for my husband's family to go to the Philippines than having my family come to the US - it is cost efficient and realistic.

Getting a US Tourist Visa is very difficult there.  You have to jump through hoops to actually get it.

So we decided to do it there.

We saved money so we can do it in the Philippines.  Plane tickets, hotel expenses and wedding expenses is what we have been saving for.

After a few years of saving.
Finally, in July 2016 - the Church Wedding that we have been waiting for ---happened.
We are so thankful and so grateful to God for helping us make this dream come true.  We are very blessed.

I will be posting more about the wedding planning process, the post wedding preparation and photos, the church ceremony photos and stories, and the reception photos and experience.

Until then...
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

[CLOSED] Giveway | O-Cedar Microfiber EasyWring Mop

It's raffle time again!! (Raffle is open to US addresses only)

Super excited about today's product, the O-Cedar's awesome new spin mop!
O-Cedar is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products and they have recently launched this EasyWring Mop.  Please check them out at Facebook ( or Twitter (@ocedarclean).  Don't forget to mention that I sent you that way ♥

I was so excited that they chose me and my blog to review their new product and not only that, they will also sponsor one giveaway for the lucky winner.  Don't forget to join the raffle below after reading my review.

When we open the box, on the flaps are the assembly instruction (left) and usage instruction (right).
The product isn't too heavy or difficult to use at all, I initially thought it would be.  The mop is lightweight and the pedal to wring the mop is also very easy to use, and it doesn't need rocket science to use it too.  My son and my daughter tried it.
Check out the video my 8-year old son using the EasyWring mop.  This is definitely an opportunity to teach your children to help out doing chores at home.

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I like the fact that it has a hands-free wringing capability.  All you have to do is just step on the pedal and wring it allowing you to control the moisture level of the mop. 
You can also use one hand when mopping, and because of the triangular shape of the mop base and microfiber mop, it can get through corners and awkward space easily.  

Overall, I love it.

The O-Cedar EasyWring Mop can be purchased in your local Walmart stores.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned O-Cedar Microfiber EasyWring mop to try in order for me to facilitate the review.  However, everything that this post contains are my own genuine experience/opinion.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day of School Photos

It has been my tradition to post first day of school photos here in my blog.

As I was looking back at my old first day of school photos, it is quite unbelievable to realize how much our kids have grown.

Today is their first day of school, we have a third grader and a kindergartner here.
Yeah, they're both on a regular school hours now, no more play school.
They have been very excited to go back to school, they woke up early, earlier than me even.  That's how excited they were this morning.
Even with the first day of school picture-taking, they had so much energy.  So I took a lot of photos.
But it also felt weird this morning....

Weird in a way that I won't be driving any of our kids to school anymore because they will be both getting on the school bus. felt that kind of weird....

When the school bus picked them up this morning, as my husband and I watched them got in...
It felt something more...

Looking at them made me think that they are a little independent now...

Looking at them made me realize that they can be on their own but at the same time have each others' back.
Sorry for the last picture, they got rained on this morning :)

To our beautiful kids, we wish you both goodluck on your learning endeavor this school year. 

We also pray for you both a healthy, happy, safe and peaceful school year!

Mommy and Daddy love you both so so much!

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