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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Boodle Fight ☺

Not too long ago my family and friends had a boodle fight.
So what is a boodle fight?
It is the most popular culinary experience in the Philippines.  This is a Filipino eating tradition that originated from the Philippine military where a big pile of food are served in the middle of a really long table in a mess hall where every hungry soldier eats with their hands symbolizing  a camaraderie, brotherhood and equality in the military.
The “fight” in the name refers to the act of grabbing and eating as much as the soldier can before others grab them or runs out.  Since this is served to very hungry men so if you’re slow you will definitely run out of food. 
Boodle Fight is usually arranged were food are served on top of a table lined with banana leaves, then rice is spread in the middle and viands are either served on top or on the sides of the rice.  Since there is no utensils are used when eating and you will have to use your bare hands to eat, everyone is always asked to wash hands before the “fight” happens.
This is a really fun and exciting experience for us because it makes us all feel equal.
When it comes to the dishes that is put on the table, there are no set rules in what to add.  But some of the popular ones are the dry items like eggroll, fried dried fish, breakfast meats like tocino, longaniza and tapa but the favorite ones are the grilled meats like fish, chicken and pork
Fruits and vegetables are also welcome in this "fight".  Mangoes and watermelon are the most popular ones.  Vegetables like eggplant, asparagus and corn are also welcome.

Looks like a lot?  You better be hungry when you join in the boodle fight.  If you're a slow eater, you better pace up with others or you will be out of food. ☺  Everyone will be busy eating and talking.

For us, we just enjoy the food and the laughter!  Until then...
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PS: On the first photo, someone is holding a plate with food, that is for my niece who has fish allergy.


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