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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unexpected Items for Organizing

Hello guys!  It's been a very long time since I have posted here in my little blog but life outside of blog was way too awesome to let it pass by.  

Although I have to admit, I soo miss blogging and my awesome readers.

Organizing is just something that is in me and when it comes to that, some unexpected items become useful.  

Let me feature some of my organizing projects that came from unexpected items.

Underwear Organizer
I was so skeptical when I first posted this project about three years ago because it was way too personal to show all over the web.

But ironically, this project has brought so much audience for my blog.  This is my most visited post, my most featured post and my most pinned post.

If you search "diy underwear organizer" on Pinterest, you will see this project among others.  But you will see this as the most pinned:

Here's one with 1,278 pins, 223 loves.
Here's another one with 725 pins and 138 loves.
Cooling Rack Earring Holder
If you are following me on my facebook page, I was so thrilled to find out that this project got featured in Good Housekeeping with their article on "14 Dollar Store Buys That Can Organize Your Entire Home".
If you are not yet following me on any of my social media, I would love for you to do that.
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My Fab Shoe Storage
This shoe shoe storage is still going stronger and still in awesome shape in our closet.  To think that this project was made for more than 2 years ago.

I used bathroom rack, foam board, electrical tape and more!  Click on the photo to find out how I did this.

Organizing Party Supplies
I used some plastic shoe boxes to organize these.  After more than two years, this storage is still in use.  

Fabric-Covered Crate for Storage
Really this storage is holding up good, I made two more of these and guess what, they're still in use up to this date.

Organized Pans with Shower Hooks
That is it for now and I will definitely have a follow up post on this one.

What about you?  What unexpected item have you used for organizing, I would really love to hear it and hopefully make use of it.

Until then...
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A Matching Mom and Daughter Braided Hair

One of the favorite things that my little girl and I like to do is to have a matching hairstyles. 

About a couple of weeks ago, I braided her hair first and braided mine.
My daughter really like it when she saw the photos after I snap it.  

The good thing about braiding her hair is that she is so patient and she just stay still while I was pulling her hair together.  

She's growing so fast and maybe one day she will not let me do this with her hair anymore or maybe she will not like the idea of us having a matching hairstyles.  But I am totally hoping that she'd still be cool with this idea and we stay as close as we are now ♥
Until then..

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