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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Minted Art Print is finally on the Wall

We always think that time just moves so fast --- this has yet again prove that right.

At exactly this time, last year, I posted about the beautiful art prints that I so adore at Minted.  

The art print that I finally decided to get is Prism Diamond by Paper Monkey Press.  
Prism Diamond
So ironic how I said it on my post about how  "I love how the light seems to refract and changes its color, I can't wait to see this hanging on my wall." 

The prints has been in my hallway closet in its original package for about a year.  Since I only had the prints without the frame, it never made it to my wall since just recently. 

I finally bought two white frames from Michaels and hang these beautiful art prints on our living room.
The art prints are the same but when I framed it, I position the other one facing the other way to make it look like they were both facing towards the tv.

Now they are finally up on the wall, after sleeping in my closet for a year.

Have you ever had a chore or a project like this before?  Where you never realized how much time has passed pushing that project to the side time and time again?

I'd love to hear stories like this ♥  I guess to make me feel better realizing that I am not alone.

Until then...
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