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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happenings Lately

Hi everyone!  There is a reason, I mean....a lot of reasons why I don't have a new post up on my blog.  
WE have been super busy lately.  

We had a backyard camping...I know we're that crazy!
Unbelievable....this much tents can fit in our small backyard :)
We celebrated our wedding anniversary
Then we also celebrated The Mr.'s birthday with close friends and family.

The Mr. with his brothers!
Yeah, we are barefoot inside the house :)
We also went to the Fall Festival and we had so much fun! 
And let's not forget the kids' field trips, school events and other activities. 
It is super busy but at the same time extra special moments.  I am so grateful for viewers like you, whom I know that probably don't care if I have a new post or not - because - you are also super busy and enjoying the time spent with family and friends.

Until then...
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