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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Painting that Door Turquoise

I am so MIA but loving every moment of it...

How's everything going guys?!  I have been so busy since school started back again but I am so thrilled to share today's post.  

Yep!  I painted our door to the garage ~ turquoise.  It's a paint left over from my sister's.

It was a weekend thing that I did not too long ago, while looking around my kitchen asking myself "hmm...what else did I not paint..."

After backsplashing the kitchen and using a corner bracket to end the backsplash to the painting the kitchen with SW-comfort gray and of course let's not forget that I also painted the kitchen island.

And that's when I saw our door to the garage looking beat up!
As you can notice, I did not even bother putting my watermark on the above photo, lol! 

I removed the knob first before removing the door.

Removing the door was pretty easy ~ it was putting it back that wasn't.

Anyway, I removed the door by myself and lay it on top of 2 cans of paint with a wash cloth over it so the other side will not be scratched while I am painting the other side.
Remember I talked about floetrol when the kitchen island was painted?  I also did that on this project to reduce brush and roller marks on the door.

The I get down to business, starting with the paneled part of the door first.
I used a purdy angled brush to do the panel painting.
Then I used a small foam roller to paint the rest of the door...then I have this after one coat.
Very pretty....♥

I did another 2 more coats of paint with about 35 minutes drying time in between coats.  

Then I have this.
Love it!

After letting this door dry up for the rest of the afternoon, it was time to put it back on.

Like I said putting the door back up was pretty hard.  This specific door is heavy.  So I contracted the help of my beautiful sister (thanks sis♥) since The Mr. was working at that time.
The worn out or dirty part around the knob is no longer there.
It looks so pretty with that pop of color.
I am so happy!

Until then...
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