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Friday, September 11, 2015

DIY Fall Decor | Yarn-Wrapped Pine Cones

There is no denying that Fall is my favorite season.

It makes me feel calm & cozy because of how everything around me changes.

The trees & the flowers changing to pretty colors...
the falling colorful leaves on the ground & how it is blown away by the wind...or how crispy it is when you step on it...

wearing cozy soft sweaters...then scarf, leggings & boots...

Although I don't decorate my home full on during Fall, I try to bring some touches of it around my home.

Since the decor is seasonal, I also try to come up with inexpensive things to do rather than buying all the time.

For my post today, which will be part of a series of pine cones crafts, is a yarn-wrapped pine cones.

Spent zero dollars on this craft.

My sister and I picked these pine cones in the parking lot where we work and these has been sitting in my garage for about a month.
I found an inspiration on pinterest, originally from Family Chic.  It was pretty easy, if you want to know how to do it, you can check that on her blog.

Otherwise, aside from the pine cones, you only need one thing - a yarn.
Starting from the bottom or the base of the pine cones, start wrapping it with the yarn of your choice.

After 10 minutes or so, I finished three yarn-wrapped pine cones.  It wasn't too bad.  All you have to remember is to make sure to pull the yarn tightly into the crevices of the pine cones.
Pretty...Easy... My kind of crafts♥
What do you think?  Come back again for more pine cone crafts coming up!

If you want to check out previous fall projects, these might interest you.

Until then...

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