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Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY Fall Decor | Burlap Wrapped Fall Wreath

What better way to welcome Fall than a wreath hanging on your front door.

Well this wreath only cost me the burlap, which is about $5 and the rest were fall decoration that I already owned.

Want to know how easy it is to make this one?  Yeah?  Okay.

I started with this wreath form that was from my Spring-Summer Wreath last year.
I carefully removed the fabric rosette & flowers and the love wood sign, that were attached to it, to have this form.
But of course you can always purchase this form from the dollar store.

To give it more volume and thickness, I wrapped the form with old shirts.
Once that was wrapped to the volume and thickness that I wanted, then goes the burlap wrapping with the help of hot glue gun.
This is my first time working with burlap and I tell you what - this thing drives me nuts, it sheds some pieces and by the time I got this done, my arms and my neck were itching...gah!

Oh well, I'd still use this thing again...it actually looks pretty....
It's the texture and warmth is what I love most about burlap.

Then attached some faux flowers that I bought from dollar store a couple of years ago.  You can actually see these flowers from my 2013 fall decor.  

I manipulated those flowers to my liking then added few pieces of faux small pumpkins & gourds.  
At this point, you can definitely choose to be done with this project.  But in my case, I added the letter T wooden letter which was from my last year's Christmas Wreath.
I love how it looks with our black storm door and the black trim around it ♥
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Happy crafting!!! Until then...
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