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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Place Furniture in Your Home

Form follows function when furnishing a home. In this article, you will learn how to place furniture in your home to make comfortable, elegant and functional spaces.

Written by guest contributor: Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon is an expert DIY builder. Leading the content team for Safe and Sound Property Inspections, he shares in his blogs the learning he gets from his experiences in home renovation and inspection. Let him teach you these bright ideas to arrange furniture in your home with this article. 
Walking into an empty room poses a challenge for every interior designer. The size and layout of a particular room are the two great factors that will affect the arrangement of furniture and fixture. This is the ultimate question that runs into our minds when furnishing a home.

Collecting different ideas from the experts
How will you place your furniture to fit into a room in the house? Several famous home improvement experts have written about this subject. Two heads are always better than one. It would also be good to get ideas and suggestions from other people.  I collected some advice from different experts and came up with these bright ideas to furnish your home.

The General Rule: Form follows function

Every good architect knows this. Form always follows function in any design project. You need to know how you are going to use the space to determine what are the pieces that you need to put into it. 

Here are six furniture pieces that you can place in certain rooms in the house to serve its specific function:

1. An Island Kitchen Counter - If you love to entertain people while cooking at the same time, then this island kitchen counter will be very useful. Tuck in two or three comfortable bar stools which your guests could easily pull out when they wish to join you in the kitchen while you're cooking. If you have a large kitchen space, then you can add an entire dining set or even a couch.

2. The Dining Room Set - The dining table and chairs must occupy the center stage in the dining room. It's a general rule. But in tiny houses where there is an open-floor plan, some decorators will move it to the side to allow space to walk around. Still, it remains the focal point in the dining area. 

3. A place to sit and talk awhile - I don't know if you have heard of that song or seen that coffee commercial but I am thinking about the living room when I wrote that phrase. It's more than just the lyrics of a song. It's a reality. The living room is indeed a place to sit and talk awhile. So when placing furniture, make sure that it is arranged in a manner that encourages conversation.

4. A warm and comfortable bedroom - Simplicity is the key to furnishing a bedroom. Keep it simple. Place only the things that you practically need. Stick to the basics. A warm, comfortable bed, a functional dresser and cool lamps on small bedside tables can complete your bedroom design project.

5. A clear path to travel - Okay. This phrase might be an overstatement but what I'm really trying to say is that you need to keep in mind the area of the room that you are furnishing. Make sure that you keep pathways clear. Do not put too many items in a room. Place only those furniture that would serve to the room's purpose.

6.    A functional bookcase or hall table - Do you still remember that old maxim? Cleanliness is next to godliness. Who could ever forget that statement? It sounds like cliché but it's still trite in home interior design. Nothing can be more beautiful than a clean and tidy house. Every bit of clutter steals the attention away from the beauty of your interior living space. Keep everything in its proper place. You can put a simple bookcase or hall table to keep your display collections and family photos together. Better yet, just create a photo wall to avoid overstuffing the room with heavy furniture.

Three essential things to remember in furniture arrangement
When arranging furniture in a room, it is important to remember only three things: comfort, storage and utility. These three aspects of interior design work together to create an elegant and functional space in your home.

Find that spot in the room where you can get a good experience or enjoy a beautiful view. That will be your focal point in the room and you work around that point when placing the furniture. Use only those furniture that can provide you with enough storage space for your collectible items and other knick-knacks so you can avoid cluttering the room.  Remember that the goal to furnishing a home is to make a nice and comfortable place to live in. Nobody wants to live in a dirty, messy home.

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Author: Mark Brandon

Mark Brandon is a master DIY builder and leading content curator for Safe and SoundProperty Inspections. He hopes to help people by sharing his insights on experiences in home renovation and inspection. When he’s not working to become better in his career, You Can reach him via Google+ Twitter Facebook

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