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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Nights Patio Design Ideas

Written by guest contributor: Kathleen Crane
What better place to relax during the warm summer nights than your patio? This could be the perfect place to spend your days and nights because it is not only quiet, but it also has a nice view. In order to enjoy the summer nights, however, you will have to prepare your patio first. You can make the place more comfortable by adding a couple of things like decorative elements, romantic lighting and others. The summer nights will be more pleasant than ever when you spend them with the other member of your family, with your friends or with your partner on the patio of your home.
Preparing this area for summer nights won't require a lot of time and efforts. The first thing you have to is to clean the whole patio. In case you haven't been paying much attention to the place during the last few months, now is the perfect time to do it. You can either perform the cleaning yourself or you can hire professionals for the job. You will find a lot of companies like QualityCleaners Hammersmith which will perform the cleaning in exchange for a perfectly reasonable price. After the disinfection of the place, it is time to think how you can make your patio more comfortable for the long summer nights. Below you will find a couple of interesting ideas.

Lighting – The lighting is definitely one of the most important things. 
It is essential for every outdoor party you plan to make during the summer as well as for creating a more intimate atmosphere just for you and you partner. The specialised stores offer a big variety of small and bigger lights, including cool white fairy lights. You can put them on the trees near your patio, on the plants and any other place you like.  You can add also lanterns, candles in jars and various other things that come to your mind.

Decoration – In order to change the look of the whole area, you can decorate using all kinds of objects. 
The lighting and the lanterns are only part of the things you can use. You can get also flowers, colourful and comfortable furniture, pillows and other things. Use your imagination and pretty soon you will have the best looking patio in the neighbourhood. Whether you are having a party or you just want to spend a quiet evening outside, the decorative elements will make the place more comfortable and inviting.

A fire pit – Getting a fire pit for your patio is another great idea for the summer nights. 
When you visit the store you will find all kinds of models in different shapes.  It all depends on your taste and the design of your patio, so you can ask the specialists at the store to help you with your choice. In case you often make outdoor parties, the barbecue is another good idea.

Outdoor swing – Speaking of parties, the outdoor swing is another excellent idea.  In case you have little kids, they will definitely enjoy the swing during all parts of the day. The same applies to all other member of your family and your friends, who you can invite over right after you finish with the renovation of your patio.

Kath is a co-founder of a small cleaning agency. When she is not working, you can find her having fun with her nephews, swimming or writing at home with a cup of warm coffee. You can get in touch with her via G+.

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