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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kitchen | Season Everything with Love Wall Decal

When I painted our kitchen, my heart is always happy to be in this space and it always makes me want to make food for the family.

One of the walls came to a blank space when I removed the command center that used to be useful and then it became an eye sore.
I knew I had to keep the wall clock that used to be in this wall before I painted it.  This wall clock is very special to The Mr. because he got this from Disneyland.  I also like it because it makes a sound once it hit an hour and the number of bells would tell us what time it is, even without looking at the clock.

While searching online to decorate this wall, I found this wall decal in Etsy, "Season Everything with Love", fell in love with.  So I ordered gray, 30" Wide x 22" Tall inches.

When it finally arrived in the mail, I cannot wait to put it up on the wall.
And I was nothing but - pleased...
It is clean and very minimal.

The Mr. is also happy because his wall clock is back on the wall again♥

Until then...
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