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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DIY | Chocolate Graduation Necklace

Today, I am super thrilled to share something that is a tradition during graduation in the country where I came from, Philippines - a candy/chocolate graduation necklace.  
It was super cool for a graduate to have candy or chocolate necklace on graduation day and I was one of those cool people♥
♥ that's me and my mom ♥
So our first niece that graduated grade school and ready for high school next school year has to have the chocolate necklace.  

Partly to keep the Philippines tradition even though we're in the United States and also to embarrass her, bahaha!

here's our beautiful niece, on her graduation day wearing the chocolate necklace! she doesn't look embarrassed at all or maybe she's good at hiding it ♥
Okay here we go, let me share how super easy it is to do it.
You really have to protect these yummy chocolates from the hungry mouth.☺
Step 1: Cut three double-strand of yarn depending on the desired length for the necklace - then braid it, as in the photo below.
Step 2: Start by tying the end of the braided yarn to one of the chocolates, then cut a small piece of yarn tying the chocolates together.
Step 3:  Repeat until you reach your desired necklace length.
That is it my friends!  Until then...

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  All ideas & thoughts that is brought out to make this post possible are my own.
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