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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Store-Bought Cake | Made it a Minecraft Cake

Hey guys, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Last week, I shared something personal and special when my son turned seven.
Today I will be sharing a quick transition of a store-bought cake to a customized minecraft cake that we had for his birthday.
I just ordered a half-sheet of cake, half vanilla and half chocolate.  Requested this specific colors and decoration for $27.
To customize it to minecraft cake, I purchased some minecraft toys from Walmart, washed and dried it.
Then arranged those onto the cake near the greetings.
Now that they're arranged on the cake, my son thinks it was pretty cool already.
I bought a 2 packs of green icing that came with round and star tips, then to create the grass-like look in the minecraft, I used the star tip.
Then I filled the white part on the side of the cake with icing.
And we now have a Minecraft cake.
My son was so happy and the kids are so thrilled about the cake as well.  It was well worth it...♥
What do you think?  Would have it made and not worry about customizing like what I did here?

Until then..
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