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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kitchen | Season Everything with Love Wall Decal

When I painted our kitchen, my heart is always happy to be in this space and it always makes me want to make food for the family.

One of the walls came to a blank space when I removed the command center that used to be useful and then it became an eye sore.
I knew I had to keep the wall clock that used to be in this wall before I painted it.  This wall clock is very special to The Mr. because he got this from Disneyland.  I also like it because it makes a sound once it hit an hour and the number of bells would tell us what time it is, even without looking at the clock.

While searching online to decorate this wall, I found this wall decal in Etsy, "Season Everything with Love", fell in love with.  So I ordered gray, 30" Wide x 22" Tall inches.

When it finally arrived in the mail, I cannot wait to put it up on the wall.
And I was nothing but - pleased...
It is clean and very minimal.

The Mr. is also happy because his wall clock is back on the wall again♥

Until then...
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Friday, June 26, 2015

[Fashion Friday] Hello Summah!

Hello Summah!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Busy Having Fun

I like being busy, especially if being busy having fun.
Over the weekend, we've gone to a road trip to Frenchlick, IN, and stayed overnight at Big Splash Adventure.  
We've been there before a couple of times but we always go back, all for the kids because they love the waterpark.
We were having so much fun, enjoying the sun, spending time with each other.
Playing basketball in the pool was one of our favorites.
Of course the kids are all for it, as long as it has WATER.
They went to the water slide countless times!
The most important thing is, time with the family.  
♥It is a blessing for us that we are able to do these things as a family♥
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Home Coffee Corner Update

Early this year, I shared a graphic of 10 Stylish Home Coffee Stations and all it did to me was just an inspiration for almost 6 months.  You know, I am kind of very slow on getting things done around here - budget & time is my constraint.  

But I just realized that whatever I do in our house is always an on-going thing, so I decided why not share some updates of what I have done so far.
I bought this really nice tray from TJ Maxx, super like the color and the pattern that when I saw it! I thought this one would be perfect for corralling the coffee supplies and coffee maker.
And gosh I was right, it was super chic when I finally fill it with the coffee supplies.  I love how the pattern kind of peek out of the tray.
Those two canisters were also from TJ Maxx and it simplified the storage solution because we used to have different shapes and sizes of canisters that we use for coffee, sugar, etc.
There was nothing wrong with it but it wasn't easy on the eyes either.  Having a uniform storage solution made all the difference.
The framed print is a simple diy that I made myself but was inspired by one of the stylish home coffee stations post long time ago.  Just created the graphic from picmonkey, bordered it with a craft paper then framed it.  
Our coffee maker is still working and we've had this for almost 4 years now.  When the time comes that we need to purchase a new one, I am contemplating between the... 

Cuisinart 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Hot Water System
or the...

Hamilton Beach® 12-Cup BrewStation® Dispensing Coffee Maker with Removable Reservoir
The decision will be made when it is needed, in the meantime, we are still happy that our coffee maker is still working just fine♥
For now, I am happy that it looks clutter-free, stream-lined and functional.

The Mr. also finds it convenient as well.  Until then...
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Year 2 Lemonade Stand | Small Business Owners [literally]

Hey guys!

Two weekends ago we had a very successful Lemonade Stand and being successful means, the small business owners had a 233% increase in sales compared to their last year's lemonade stand!
No kidding, right?!  These kids mean business, I mean really mean business.

Even with a very warm weather that morning, they managed to do their 4P's of Marketing (Product, Price, Place & Promotion).
We did the lemonade stand on the same day where the neighborhood had a yard sale to ensure foot traffic.

You should see these kids in action while they were doing their marketing.
I mean, look at them....who would not stop to buy their lemonade?

and her...♥
I guess my kids were doing so great that their cousins and friends came over for lemonade as well.
Their energy though was only good for 2 hours....they were not into it after that.

But The Mr. and I still made them sell it because we want them to understand the values of hardwork and patience.  

That they cannot get everything easily.

That they need to be patient to be able to achieve something.

That they need to work hard to earn money.
At the end of it all, they made $25.  Split it in half and off they place it in the envelope where we later brought to the bank to put onto their savings account. 

Although, the preparation and the cleaning up were on me for the most part.  I've also made the kids help out with the cleaning up after the lemonade stand.

We had so much fun!  Until next year's lemonade stand...
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flip Flops Cleaning time!

It is almost that time of the year now.  


But even if it is still spring, we now and then wear our flip flops right?
And so today, I am going to share how to clean your flip flops.

I mean I get it, there are flip flops that can be bought for 99 cents and so you probably wonder why I still took my time to clean it instead of tossing it in the trash.


Why not?

If you are on "why?" - you may politely go... no hurt feelings...♥

If you are on the "why not?", here we go!   

1) Gather your supplies:  Grab three things - old toothbrush, dish soap & pan
2) Soak the flip flops:  Fill the pan with warm water, pour about 1 teaspoon of dish soap, stir using you're hand to create bubbles then soak your flip flops in there for about 5-10 minutes.
3) Brush off the dirt from flip flops:  After 5-10 minutes of soak time, pour a little of dish soap onto the old toothbrush then start brushing your flip flops with that.
4) Wash it clean:  Wash your flip flops with running water and you're done!   
Until then...
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Petites Fashion] Red Crop Pants

But what this post is - all about real people(that's you and me) fashion, that are petite but not so skinny.  Outfits that I actually wore to work or go somewhere.
Today's Petites Fashion is something that is very comfortable but still stylish at the same time.  Yes, this pants is my favorite this spring, you must have seen me wore this here.

I started my outfit with the red slim straight crop pants, wore a white loose sleeveless top to kind of cool the color down.  
And since I wore this outfit to work, I thought it was more appropriate to layer it with black & white jacket.

Then I completed my outfit with nude pumps (which I am totally using this one almost all the time, alternating it with my floral sandals) and coral statement necklace & bracelet.
I hope you enjoyed my petites fashion post for today! Until then...
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get Inspired | What Tops to Wear with Shorts

I love shorts and since it is that season to wear it - the more I wear it too.
Some days, I'm stumped inside my closet just looking for what top should I wear with what shorts.  I am more of a visual kind of person, thanks to pinterest because they're my go to as well.  But it makes me help decide what kind of top will I wear if there is a photo that I see.  

Let me share you a post on what tops to wear with shorts, this is just a collection of photos that I found everywhere.  Just to give me an inspiration and inspire y'all too.
Until then...
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