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Monday, May 11, 2015

Use a Corner Bracket to end your Backsplash

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!  I hope you had a wonderful one ♥

Not too long long time ago, I shared our kitchen backsplash has been installed which is making me smile every time I go to the kitchen.
When we installed our backsplash we already decided how to end it with a statement piece. 
It just took us a long while to actually install it.

I bought two pieces of corner wood brackets from a home store, they were about $6 a piece and they were oak.  Then borrowed a left over white paint that my sister has sitting in her garage and painted the wood brackets pure white.

Let The Mr. install it at his leisure time ☺
If you really take a closer look at it, there is a minimal gap between the wall and the bracket because of the light switch on this side of the kitchen but only if someone would do that ☺
Overall I am very pleased with the result because it looks more finished than just putting vertical piece of tile at the end of it.  

I am actually happy♥

My inspiration came from this photo that I have pinned on my pinterest board called "for my kitchen" a year ago.  It was really inspiring although it took me a year to actually have it in my kitchen but "Rome wasn't built in day."
source: Opal Design Group
Next update that I did to my kitchen is paint - used the color Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray, 6205.  Can't wait to get the photos and post together and show it to you all!
Until then...
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