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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our Kitchen Update | Painted with SW Comfort Gray

When we finally installed our kitchen backsplash, I knew right away that I need to paint the kitchen walls.  

In terms of the color - I was looking at grays, blues & greens because I don't want the wall color to be so different from our backsplash choice and tried to visualize my home as a whole.  I wanted it to be simple, easy on the eyes and classic with the intention of keeping it longer.

So I initially chose Minor Blue.
It looks perfect.

So one Friday, I purchased the sample paint first so I can see if it is really perfect.  Painted one side of the wall above the kitchen cabinet that night, it actually looked great at first while the paint was still wet.  

The next morning when I woke up, I immediately went downstairs to look at it again.  (excuse the mess)
But gosh, it was just way too blue for me.  The intention was to make the backsplash as the main feature of our kitchen but it looks like the paint is taking over that. 

So I went back in the drawing board again and then I saw this photo and fell in love with it.  
My kitchen wall color is Sherwin Williams - Comfort Gray 
If this color is versatile enough to be in these spaces, I would love to have this in my kitchen and carry it on along around our home.  

So I went ahead and bought a gallon.  Nope! No paint sample this time.  I feel 100%!

That Saturday morning, I rolled my sleeves and get on with it.  The painting part wasn't too bad but the taping?! Gosh there is no faster way to do it.
This is my first big painting project and the painting is super relaxing and very therapeutic for me...I could go on and on and on....
I started repainting that part of the kitchen wall where I painted with minor blue.  Then carried on towards the side of the wall above the microwave.
Totally loving it!

The shade is purfect! It is gray but with a hint of blue and green to it, depending on the lighting or to what time of the day.
I do love it so much.  It was something that is so clean...and it does not overshadow the backsplash at all.

This side of the kitchen wall used to have our home command center.
It was okay at first but it became such an eye soar later on.  As we use that space, more and more papers pile up on that side of the kitchen and I was having trouble catching up with the filing away, shredding and organizing.
So I ripped everything out, patched it and painted it.
The hallway from the garaged to the house was also painted the same color.
I wish I had a better camera to show you how beautiful the color is.

The door to the garage needs some painting, if you can see on the photo above, thinking of dark gray for it but not really final on that just yet.

All in all, I am so pleased with the hard work that I put into this space, it makes me happy.  The gallon that I bought for this project was not even used up, so I can definitely use the leftover to the rest of the home.
What do you think?  Until then...
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