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Saturday, May 23, 2015

He is Seven

Today, my son is seven.
It is truly a blessing to be able to parent this young man.

He has grown to become a very protective and responsible brother to his younger sister.  I can remember we were at the mall's play area and one of the boys (also about 5 years old) was trying to hug his sister, he just came up to this young boy and said, "hey, don't hug her, she's my sister".  That was just one of the cutest thing that he has done to step up and be a big brother.
He has also grown to become a very loving and affectionate young man.  

He is a hugger and a kisser♥   Most of the kids his age in his school, they already feel embarrassed to kiss their moms or dads but him, he wants me to stop by at his classroom after I drop his sister off, because he wants to hug and kiss me.  I enjoy every moment of it because one day, when he is older, he may not be kissing or hugging me and his dad as much he does now.  Although I am optimistic that he will still do that even when he is already grown up.♥
There is more to this young man than I can even talk about.  He has a very inquisitive mind that asks so many questions, he also sometimes challenges my decision or his daddy's decision.  He is also very smart and he knows that, so we instill in his core values that being humble is very important.  
He is also a talker...I mean...serious talker...he talks and talks and talks and talks, sometimes he get's in trouble in school for talking too much. ☺ He knows very well that it is also important to listen to others to learn.

We just want him to be good and we wish him the very best this life can offer.
Until then..
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