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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feng Shui Principles for your Home Office

Written by guest contributor: Kathleen Crane
The home is the safest place for every person. It is an area which we use to relax, sleep and even work, so the importance of the domestic environment is really essential for our well-being. In order to feel perfectly good in our home, however, a lot of factors have to be in place. The cleanness of your property, for example, is the thing that stimulates you most to be healthy and happy.  When cleaning your home you contribute to the safety of your living environment, as well as for your well-being. If you are a person who often works from home, then you probably have a home office. The good cleaning and maintenance will certainly help you to be more creative in this particular area, but there are also a lot more things you can do to enhance the flow of positive energy.

Many major companies admit that they've created their working environment according to the popular Chinese philosophical notion Feng Shui.  This system teaches us that we are connected to the environment that surrounds us and depending on the location of the objects, we can provoke different things like love, prosperity, wealth and others.  Along with the good cleanness and presentable look of your home office you can try and apply this interesting practice, in order to enhance even more your creativity and working process.  We will present to you some of the major principles of Feng Shui which you can try in your personal home office.

Think about the location – In case you are just beginning with the creation of your home office, the first step is the selection of the right location.  First of all, make sure that your office is not in the center of your home.  It also has to be as far as possible from the bedroom in order to separate you from the energy of that premise.  The stairways are also bad for the “chi” of the working environment, so any isolated rooms would be ideal.  You should also keep in mind that the higher the ceiling is, the better your concentration will be.

Stick to the simple things – Usually people cover their desks and other areas of the office with all sorts of accessories and decorating elements which are not very beneficial for the concentration.  To balance your inner energy you need to perform a deep cleaning of the whole premise and throw out any useless things that might distract you or you can hire a company like Building Services Hanwell who can do that for you.  The same principle applies to the furniture and the overall decoration.  Keep things simple and don't buy big and too extravagant items.

Choose the colours wisely – Whether you are painting the walls of your office for the first time or just repainting, make sure that the colours are well combined.  Feng Shui teaches that every colour has a different influence on people.  The most appropriate choices for the home office,however, are considered to be red, yellow, as well as blue-green because of the positive effect they bring.  They will stimulate the overall working process and will help you be more productive than ever.

The importance of the desk – The desk will be the center of your whole working place, so choose it wisely.  The model must be inviting and comfortable and also as simple as possible.  As for its positioning, it is essential that the desk is located against the door but not directly.  You have to be able to see anyone who comes in which will give you a sense of stability and authority.
The Feng Shui practice will really help you improve your abilities and desire for work. If you stick to this wise practice you will immediately feel the appearance of the positive change and that might inspire you to try using the same practice for the arranging of your entire home.

Kath is a co-founder of a small cleaning agency. When she is not working, you can find her having fun with her nephews, swimming or writing at home with a cup of warm coffee. You can get in touch with her via G+.

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