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Monday, April 20, 2015

Outdoor Toys Storage

Two weeks ago I posted some inspiration on outdoor toys storage and I've finally finished organizing mine.

Over the weekend I found a corner in the garage perfect for our outdoor storage.

It wasn't clean....but it was promising....
So I moved everything from that corner...swept it...and mopped it clean.  Then moved one of our shelving units to that corner.

I bought four blue totes from dollar store and 1 white laundry basket.

The white laundry basket holds everything that are long like tennis racquets, pool noodles, t-ball stand, etc.
On top of the shelf is big blue tote that I already have and it has balls inside it - basketballs, soccerballs, etc.
The second level has the two totes, one has the bubbles & chalk, I have placed the chalk on a small storage container inside.  The other tote has water & sand toys.
The third level also has two totes, one has sports gears, such as baseball gloves, bats, baseball hats, etc.  The other tote has swim gears, like floater, goggles, etc.

The bottom level has my son's skate boards, our helmets and kites on the back.
I know the bottom shelf is not really maximized.  

I was thinking of installing some kind of bike organizer, you know something like this.
And install a helmet hooks above it as in the picture above.

It's not that we have a lot because we only have one for each of us but I just can't get over how pricey they can be.  Some creativity is needed to come up with a better and cheaper solution to store our bikes.  Also there are cheaper garage bike racks out there.

But before I worry about any of that, I am just super thrilled that at least there's one corner in our garage that looks nice and organized.
But here's a peek of the rest of the garage, be prepared and excuse me for my mess.
That corner will be next project that I will tackle.

How about you, do you have organizing and cleaning fever going on?

Or maybe you got inspired with my Get Inspired | Outdoor Toys Storage, I want to see a picture of your own project.

Until then...
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