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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chaperoned my Daughter's Field Trip

Last Friday, my preschool daughter and her friends went out on a field trip.  Although I work a full time job, I always try to tag along on my kids' field trips.

They went to this really nice park in town and it was so nice to be able to go and spend time with my daughter and her friends.

Their teachers made sure they will have fun because they brought some outdoor toys with them.

They had bubbles...
She played in the sand with the sand toys...
And of course the most popular of all things that they did was the play ground.  My daughter couldn't get enough of the slide.  
The energy of these kids is so unbelievable that they climb up and down on that playground countless times!

My little girl turned out to be so brave to climb this thing up too.
Even though it rained two days before that, surprisingly the grass and the playground is not wet at all.

Later that night, she slept so good♥

Until then...
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  1. The slides at the park are always fun! It's great that you got to chaperone. I try to when I can as well, because it's always fun. And when the kids get older, you even learn stuff right along with the kids (like when they go to the museums)!

    1. I always try my best to tag along with my kids field trips or show up as much as I can on any of their school events. It just makes me happy to see them happy ♥

      Hey thanks for stopping by Kim!

  2. Aww look at her so cute!!! I love that you go on the field trips even when you're working. I used to not be able to when I was working, but I can now! :)

    1. Thanks Rosey! It just makes me happy to see them happy ♥ so I always try my best to tag along.....

      Hey thanks for stopping by!


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