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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday's Event plus Not So Religious Side Story

My nephew had his First Holy Communion at church last Sunday and it was a special moment for all of us.

First Holy Communion is one of the seven sacraments of Catholic Church.  It was a beautiful moment for this young boy to finally receive his first holy communion.

I am looking forward for my son and my daughter's first holy communion when the time comes.

It was also one of those Sundays that we, as a family, have lunch together. 
Enjoy some family conversation catching up with what's going on with our lives.

Kids having fun together.  Look at those precious smiles!!!  
Although The Mr. was not present because he has to sleep after working the night before, it was always nice to hang out with family.

//On the not so religious side of this post//

Can we talk about the sandal that I am wearing in the first photo?  You see how cute it is? No?  Okay, here's a closer look to it...
Now you see it?  I am so in-love with this sandal.
I have been searching for a high-heeled floral sandal for a while now because I wanted something to wear on spring time going to work or to a more dressier occasion such as this.

And finally, when I stopped by at DSW one day - went straight to the very back end of the store where the clearance rack is.

I saw this sandal!  The last piece and it's my size.  Love it ♥
It is Mix No. 6 Rayelle Sandal and the original price is $39.95 but it is 30% off! Score!
Love that it is super cute and surprisingly comfy too.
You see that I am totally thrilled about this sandal because you're seeing more pictures that you can actually!
Hmmm..K...nuff with the sandal story...

Until then...

I am so sorry if I may not be able to give you an online link to this exact sandal but there are a lot of similar sandals that you can choose from below.
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Organizing | Important Papers

I'm pretty good at tossing unimportant mails on the trash or shredding some that has important information on day-to-day basis, but there are important documents that I keep in our filing cabinet.
When it comes to doing a regular big time shredding - I am not really good at that.

So while I was in the middle of purging kids school papers which eventually led me to an awesome storage solution for school papers - I also tackled this big time shredding as well.

And I was so relieved after!

Here are my few tips and tricks to keep your file cabinet streamlined and minimized.

1) Tax Returns
Plan to keep your Tax Returns along with all the supporting documents (W2, donation receipts and other itemized deductions) for at least three years from the date you filed your original return or two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.  (more IRS details here)

Although, I keep ours up to 5 years in an expanding folder.

2) Bank Statements
If you avail of your bank's online banking wherein you can easily download your bank statement then you can shred all your paper bank statements at once.  To keep your papers to the minimal, you need to opt out for paper bank statement or call your bank to stop sending you a paper bank statements.

3) Credit Card Statements
Again if you have the ability to download or sign up for paper less statements, then you should do that.  Otherwise, credit card statements can be kept until paid.

4) Utility Bills
Water, electric, cable, telephone and trash bills can be shredded once paid.  Most utility websites have the capacity to generate old statements when you need it.

Other things to  Shred:
Expired Insurance
As soon as you get the new warranties for car, home and vehicle you can shred the old ones immediately.

Voided Checks
There is definitely no reason for you to keep all those voided checks, shred it immediately to keep it laying around showing your routing and account numbers on it.

Bank Documents from Previous institution you bank with but not anymore - checks, statements, etc.

Pay Stubs
You don't need to keep your pay stubs because most employers can generate it for you when you need one.  I normally shred ours after keeping it for 6 months.

Documents to keep FOREVER:

Birth certificates
Marriage licenses
Divorce decrees
Passports (keep expired or not; until replaced with a new one)
Education records

Military service records, Social security card and Life insurance

Disclaimer:  I am just showing how I did it, and do not claim in any way to be an expert.  Therefore, it is not my responsibility if this works with you or not.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[Petites Fashion] Floral Pencil Skirt with Bright Yellow Cardigan

But what this post is - all about real people(that's you and me) fashion, that are petite but not so skinny.  Outfits that I actually wore to work or go somewhere.
Spring colors just make me smile ear to ear!  What is good about spring is that you can mix and match different colors and still look fine with it.  

And the bright spring colors just make me feel good inside too♥

I am totally in love with this floral skirt that I bought from F21.
The pattern is so beautiful that it can totally be mixed and matched with a top that has a different color!  Yellow, pink, blue, green, gray, white, the possibilities is endless!

On my outfit that day, I paired it with a peach shirt that I also bought from F21 for just $4.  Yes! four dollars! and they have other colors too! 
And since it was a little cool that morning, I layered it with a bright yellow cardigan.  And being a mom of two young kids, flats it is!

I usually keep a high heel pumps at work to dress it up but I was not able to take a photo that day.  

What about you? Are you brave enough to mix and match bright spring colors?  Or you like to keep it cool and neutral?

I hope you enjoyed my petites fashion post for today! Until then...
You may shop below for the items or similar items that I'm wearing on this post.
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