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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No Mud-Room? Make a Mud-Corner

Unlike other homes, we are not blessed with a mudroom.  When we enter from the garage, the laundry room also functions as a mudroom.

So I contracted my sister to help me install some shelvings to make a corner in the laundry room function as a "mud-corner".

I bought 5 pieces of wood shelving from a home store, some brackets and screws.

And this is what I now have in our mud-corner.
I measured from the floor to the first shelf to accommodate my riding boots.
Then on the next shelves, I measured The Mr.'s shoes to fit in.
Then I placed the flip flops in a canvas bins and baskets to coral them. 
The kids's shoes went into a stand-alone shoe shelves that I bought long time ago.  This is perfect to accommodate a pair of shoes in those small slots.  (ehem I also have my sandals in there just because it fits in just fine)
On the wall by the door, I moved the wall coat rack higher where The Mr. and I can reach.  Then I placed command hooks below where the kids can hang their coats on their height level.
I am very happy every time I go inside the laundry room, it may not be picture-perfect for everyone but for me it is very functional and it's maximizing the space.

We used to use shoe hangers here which we've had for a long time and If you want to see it, just click here.

Now we have a mud-corner.  This space is a constant and on-going improvement and for now, this space makes me happy.

Until then...
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