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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Easily Clean Upholstered Headboards

Written by guest contributor: Kathleen Crane
An upholstered headboard can be a nice addition to your bedroom. It is stylish and beautiful and also very comfortable. With the added bonus of it being inexpensive, things suddenly go in favor of buying one.  
But there is one thing to be aware of – cleaning and care requirements. See, as little as you want it, your upholstered headboard will stain and get dirty from time to time. You need to be able to maintain it so that it has a long lifespan and keeps beautifying your bedroom in the years to come. 

It goes without saying that the best way to make sure an upholstered item is clean and odor-free is to use a professional cleaning agency. But aside from this, what else should you do to keep your headboards in great condition? 

Take a look at these tips and write down.

Upholstered headboards collect lots of dust and other debris that can be removed by vacuuming.  You can buy a special vacuum cleaning attachment that is designed to clean upholstery. A handheld vacuum will do the trick as well. It will be of great help during your cleaning routines are advising you from SuperEndOfTenancyCleaners SW15.  Vacuuming once a week is simply enough to maintain your headboards. Of course, calling a professional upholstery cleaner once or twice a year is another thing to take into account if you own an upholstered platform bed.

Use a Slipcover
The easiest way to keep your upholstered headboard from staining is to use a slipcover that will act as a buffer between the headboard and your body. This is a great idea, especially if you tend to spend lots of time in bed, whether napping, reading or watching TV. The best thing about slipcovers is they are easy to wash, well, if they are made of a washable material. Simply add them to your wash and let the washing machine clean them for you. 

Use Dish Soap
Unfortunately, a vacuum cannot deal with all the dirt and staining that might occur. If there appear any stains on the upholstered headboard, it's really important to act fast so as to prevent them from becoming stubborn. There is a very simple method of removing them. Use small amounts of dish soap and water. Rub the fabric gently using a sponge and dry. Keep rubbing and drying until you remove the stain. It's important to use gentle soap so that you don't damage your headboard. In fact it's best to try a small area before the cleaning commences. It will save you some unpleasant surprises.
Use Professional Cleaners
Another great idea is to use professional cleaners. Go for a cleaning provider if you are too lazy to clean the upholstered bed by yourself; if you are afraid you may damage the fabric or if none of the cleaning methods mentioned above works for you. There are a variety of cleaning companies that offer upholstery cleaning. A quick research on Google will get you the results you're looking for.

Keep the Room Well Ventilated
And finally, it's just important to let fresh air in to keep your upholstered items and any other items fresh. It will banish bad smells from the room and also help make cleaning much easier.

Kath is a co-founder of a small cleaning agency. When she is not working, you can find her having fun with her nephews, swimming or writing at home with a cup of warm coffee. You can get in touch with her via G+.

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  1. Thanks for this! This is really helpful, we just bought an upholstered headboard for our bedroom so perfect timing!

    1. that's great!! i'm so glad that someone find this article helpful, that's what we're all here for to help each other out♥

      hey thanks for stopping by!


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