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Friday, February 13, 2015

[DIY] Kids Valentines Shirts

If you remember last year, I only did a last minute valentine shirt for my son and that was super cute and super easy.

You know I always like to do quick and easy project.  This year's valentine shirts were also quick and easy.

The Mr. involuntarily helped with this whole!

Supplies: two plain shirts and one sheet of iron-on fabric transfer = $12 total cost

First, the Mr. cut the heart patterns and he decided to use up the whole sheet by cutting the rest of it into small hearts.

When he cut those hearts, we have not really decided as to how we are going to arrange those into the shirts.

We started with my son's shirt first, placing the biggest heart in the middle of the shirt.
Then we kind of arrange the other hearts to make it look like an arrow.
Then we did my daughter's shirt next.

This time we started with the biggest heart on the very top close to the shoulders then work our way down to the smallest heart making it look like an arrow as well.
Ironing the fabric to the shirt is pretty easy, just be careful with the heat of the iron and remember to put a thin cloth(we used a bandana on top of the iron-on fabric before actually ironing it.

After ironing on each hearts to the shirt, remove the think layer of plastic, as in the picture below.
And the shirts re done!
The next morning, since the kids are so excited for their school valentines day, they both woke up earlier than usual.  When I told them that their dad made a special valentine shirts for them,  they got so excited to wear it!

And they look super cute wearing it!!
Until then...
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