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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There's Always Room for a Cantilever Chair

Written by guest contributor: Paisley Hansen
Contemporary Dining Room by Fort Lauderdale Architects & Building Designers PowersSchram Architecture & Planning
Cantilever chairs are designed without the standard four legs for support.  Cantilever chairs are most popular in business and medical offices. It's easy to identify a cantilever chair.  The legs are shaped like the letter "L."

Some of these chairs are designed with or without arms. They may be constructed from poly vinyl materials and upholstered with fabric or leather backs and seats. The advantage of cantilever chairs is their lighter weight and highly mobile design. They can be moved about with very little effort, unlike more solid wood or overstuffed chairs.

Finding the Right Spot in Your Room for a Cantilever Chair
Designers of these chairs have expanded their usefulness and appeal to fit into any room in a home. These are perfect for a corner niche for reading, or at the desk for writing and other work.
Added to dining tables, these chairs provide comfort and convenience. The design, fabric and style offer a wide variety of room arrangements. For example, choose a rustic­styled, cantilever chair with a rattan back for a gentrified room decor. Lovers of ultra­modern furniture can't resist a cantilever chair with a unique shape that catches attention.

There are many attractive styles of cantilever chairs that compliment a dining room. These can have padded and overstuffed backs and seats; or, they may be a combination of wood backs with padded leather or fabric seats.

The beauty of cantilever chairs in a home is the appeal they add to other furnishings. Cantilever chairs are also space savers. For smaller homes and apartments, these chairs are the perfect way to save space and add to the beauty of existing room furnishings.

Other Furniture That Compliments Cantilever Chairs
Furniture can contrast or coordinate styles to make a fashion statement. Cantilever chairs matched with lamps and occasional and dining tables make a striking compliment to a room.

For example, choose cantilever chairs with deep­grained wooden backs to coordinate with wood tables. Go ultra modern with a clear vinyl set of cantilever chairs and a banded chrome, glass­topped table for a cozy living room setting. Add in eclectic lamps to complete the look. Contrast traditional furnishings with two rattan cantilever chairs placed in front of a fireplace.

Working at a desk can be tiring and tedious. A cantilever desk chair can reduce this. Coordinate the type of cantilever chair to match the style of the desk and other home office furniture in the room. Leather, fabric or wood chair backs and seats go a long way to complete the home office style. When choosing a cantilever chair for desk arrangements, it's important to consider the ergonomic factor. Try sitting in a cantilever desk chair before you buy to ascertain the long term level of comfort.

Then, be sure to measure the size of the knee space under the desk top in which the chair will be stored when not in use. Your cantilever desk chair should also be designed to offer free access to other home office equipment such as computers, printers and file cabinets. 

There's always a place in the games or recreation room for cantilever chairs. In fact, this is the ideal room to outfit with a set of these chairs. Be creative and choose several different designs to add a casual, comfortable setting that provides relaxation and enjoyment. In the games or recreation room, let your imagination flow freely and use variations of fabrics and styles of cantilever chairs for maximum appeal.  This will become the most popular room in the home.

Don't Forget the Patio
Many cantilever chairs provide a delightful new style for patios and lanais. Choose from slatted wood or steel cantilever chairs. Then, add bright, colorful chair pads and matching foot stools. Look at this Barn Door Hardware for more ideas.

Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym or playing with her Australian Shephard.

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