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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Something New in 2015

There are some things that I finally decided to take a leap on this year and I am super excited to share it all to you.
I purchased my own domain
Super excited to tell you that Home For4 Sweet Home is now a .com - as in no longer a .blogspot.com.  Although I may have talked about slowing down with blogging in the past and yes I am still on that track.  
I like going back to my blog posts and read it especially those that involves my family and how much readership this blog has grown to become now.  It is my happy space and it is mine.  And that's what made me decide to purchase my own domain.  I want to have ownership of my own blog name and keep blogging.

New header and tag line
Blogging for me is an outlet to share all of mine & family's creativity, craftiness, uniqueness, stylish mom fashion, true to life & fun things that we do and happen to us.  And my blog is a reflection of all that - it is a lifestyle - an inspiration.

Hence a decision to change my tag line to:
a wonderfully warm, vibrant, and uniquely imaginative space
a wallet-friendly transformation of a house to "our home"

I hope you like my new blog header and tag line now.

Stick around and I will try to keep you inspired in my own little way.

Until then...
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  1. Hello Rea. That's great that you purchased your .com domain! I love your new header and tag line, beautiful job!

    Have a sweet day.

    1. i am so happy to finally have done this heather♥ glad you love my new header and tag line :)

  2. wow! Finally you have purchased your own domain :) Great ms Rea! :) I love the new tagline as well.

  3. Rea,
    I LOVE the new header, and your tagline definitely reflects your blog and your personality! =0)

  4. It's a nice header, and hurrah for the domain purchase! Wishing you a happy 2015 (for yourself and for your blogging). :)


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