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Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Deep Clean your Refrigerator

Hello! Are you ready for another cleaning post again?  I hope my post on how to naturally clean and polish your stainless steel refrigerator was helpful to you.  Since we are done with the outside, let me show you how I deep cleaned the inside of my refrigerator.
My refrigerator is not really that bad but hey a good nice deep cleaning is always welcome.  Like I said, I have been having this energy and motivation to get some cleaning and organizing going lately.

Okay, just so you know this is not Martha Stewart hacking my blog.  This is still me, just sharing my simple way of cleaning my refrigerator.

So let me share a simple cleaning solution that I used. 
1.  Gather your supplies:  Grab three things - a microfiber cloth, dishwashing soap & baking soda.  

2.  Mix the cleaning solution:  Pour some baking soda on a bowl, about 2 teaspoons, a teaspoon of dishwashing soap & warm water to create a pasty look as in the photo below.

3.  Use microfiber to clean:  Dip the microfiber onto the cleaning solution and start cleaning your refrigerator shelves and walls.  I started from the top to bottom so that any dirt that I cleaned from the top shelves that will fall down onto the bottom shelves will not worry me because I haven't cleaned the those shelves just yet.

4.  Wipe it dry with Paper Towel:  Wipe everything with paper towel to make sure that everything is dry and clean.
And you will have a spot free clean refrigerator!  Oh yeah!
Come back for more exciting cleaning and organizing posts!

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