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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get Inspired | Home Coffee Stations

After we have finally installed our kitchen backsplash, I am so inspired of dressing up the kitchen.  Being a coffee & tea drinker myself and The Mr. as well, first on my list is to create a home coffee station.

So I am so busy looking for inspiration in the www and these are my favorites.
1 - I am so inlove with this coffee station from Only Deco Love, she's so smart to move her coffee away from her kitchen and just used everything she already have.
2 - Now this one from Hi Sugarplum! is easy & accessible.  I like that she's got the teaspoons right on there ready for use.
3 - Also this from Honey We're Home is what I'm talking about! Who doesn't want to have fresh coffee while looking at those fresh flowers?  And the tray!
4 - Love the pull-out style of this coffee station from In Detail Interiors.  It is an organizers' dream to just easily tuck away everything and close the cabinet doors when it's not in use.
5 - Hello sunshine! It makes me excited to see those yellow coffee mugs and that's what I always need every morning! Emily & Meeko are so lucky to wake up every morning with this.
6 - What a functional use of space from DIY Remodel Home, I like those coffee cups ready for use while the coffee, sugar, etc are on the second shelf.
7 - Now, if I had a corner like this on my kitchen, I would definitely create this look from HGTV.
8 - My favorite is the framed chalkboard print that Design Improvised scored from Goodwill.  Isn't it lovely?  Might make something similar to that.
9 - This is the ultimate home coffee station from HGTV's Fixer Upper that I am looking for! Look at that, love the chalkboard on the wall, what a statement! What else can you ask for? 
10 - My favorite on this coffee station from The Vintage Wren is that cup holder and additional storage space above it.  It really maximized it's vertical space.

Now that I have 10 Stylish Home Coffee Stations to inspire me, let's see if I ever get something done to show you my very own home coffee station.
Until then...
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  1. These are all nice. I think I like the chalkboard best, that's cool. :)

    1. really inspiring right rosey! wish i have the space that big or at least a small corner to set up a small coffee corner or something like that :)


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