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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Advent Calendar 2014

Let's say hello to our advent calendar 2014.
I like having an advent calendar now that I have two kids, because...

It helps them understand the essence of Christmas Day.

It helps them develop the value of patience.

It allows them to look forward to the gift of tomorrow.

And it gives them the chance to enjoy the journey along the way.

There maybe a lot of advent calendar that can be purchased everywhere but what I love about making is it makes it more ours.  And it can be yours too by following my tutorial later on this post.

There are no treats inside these mini-cups instead it is filled with a small paper containing fun family and kid-friendly activities.

If you are curious what our activities are, it includes: 
playing puzzles together, listening to christmas songs, watching christmas music, play puppet show, bake cookies, stare & appreciate our christmas tree and so much more!

You can always decide what activities to do to suit your family.

Okay, here's the tutorial how to do it:

Supplies: foam board, 24 clear mini cups, ornaments & number print outs

Cut the black foam board into a triangular shape.
Then glue the bottom of the clear mini cups onto the foam board.
Attach a ribbon onto the ornaments to hold it.
The ornament will act as the lid to the mini cups.
Attach all the ornaments to the mini cups, then adhere the numbers.
Attach the star to the tip of the triangle and you are done!
I actually find it super cute.
Now my kids are always looking forward to lifting the numbered ornament to see the message inside.  

How about you?  Did you make one or bought one?  I hope you are enjoying this holiday season♥  What is your favorite part, is it the journey or the day itself?

Until then...
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  1. I really love this, Rea! So cute. =0)

    1. super thanks kim♥ it is a hit to my kids!



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