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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making Your Kitchen Country

Written by guest contributor: Paisley Hansen
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What exactly makes a country kitchen? There are many different design elements to choose from, depending on your tastes, budget and space available. The first thing you need to think about is how country do you want your kitchen to look? Do your research. Look at pictures, appliances and furniture to help you narrow down your design ideas. There are so many pictures in magazines and online that can help you in that process. Usually, when you see something you like, you know it.

Choosing the Right Cabinets and Doors
You should first look at the cabinetry when choosing a theme for your kitchen. Cabinets help set the mood for your kitchen design. Depending on the cabinets you choose, that will tell you what type of furniture and appliances to purchase for your new country kitchen. There are different types of woods and colors to choose from. You could go rustic, where dark woods with an old, used look is the status quo, or, another option, is to go classic country, where whites and warm colors help define the style.

Rustic Country Kitchen Options
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If you do choose the rustic look, an option to achieve that would be to install a barn door with barn door hardware for a divider between the kitchen and dining room. Make sure the sliding barn door matches the color and style of the cabinetry. When that match is made, you can install your door by using sliding barn door hardware which will help attach the door to the frame, making it able to easily slide along the track, giving the kitchen a truly rustic country feel.

Appliance wise, for the rustic look, you could get a gas top stove along with a copper stove hood to give that old world feel. There are many different choices out there depending on your budget.  Also, look at refrigerators to complete the rustic country look of your kitchen. They now have refrigerators that are wood paneled to help blend into the cabinets you have chosen.

Classic Country Kitchen Options
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When going for that classic country feel, cabinets should be a white or light wood color. You could accentuate that classic look with yellows and other warm colors to bring the look together.  Kitchens decorated in the classic country style are relaxed and comfortable with simple decorations. The kitchen should seem inviting, cozy, and comfortable, often with wood floors.  Good additions to the kitchen should be pottery carved wood and baskets.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Table and Dishes
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Lastly, an important element to tie your kitchen together in the country style, are your dishes and table. There are two different table options you can choose to get that country look. One choice is a wooden table with bench style seating. This is a perfect table for big families with children. The bench style seating allows for the flexibility of having more than just the four chairs you usually 
have at a kitchen table. That brings us to the standard wooden round kitchen table that has four wooden chairs to give that classic kitchen table look.

When looking at dishes, there are so many varieties available. Make sure to keep in mind what the whole decor of the kitchen is and how the dishes will tie in to that overall design. When shopping for dishes, it can be overwhelming with all the varieties out there. Remember to keep it simple. If rustic country is your style, look for darker color dishes, such as dark reds, browns and greens. If classic country is your style, look more to the whites with trims of blue, yellow or other warm colors. Also, try to stay away from the "farm animal" decor. Just because you're going country, does not mean you have to go with the obvious.

Whatever you decide to do with your kitchen, just remember to stay simple with your choices. If you keep this frame of mind, your country kitchen will come together beautifully.

Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym or playing with her Australian Shephard.

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