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Friday, October 31, 2014

[Fashion Friday] #CosmopolitanChic Day + Night

I like putting together my fashion friday set each week and what makes it more exciting this week is that I got an invite from Vegas.com to join in their #CosmopolitanChic challenge.

Although I haven't been to Las Vegas, that's the destination that The Mr. and I would love to go without the kids.  And I would love to stay in The Cosmopolitan when I saw the pictures!   Here look!
*All images of The Cosmopolitan above are fromVegas.com.

Blending glamour and modern luxury, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is, without a doubt, the most chic and stylish resort on the Strip. It boasts a guest experience that interlaces ultra comfortable accommodations with trendsetting restaurants and shops, hot music and nightspots, striking visual art and cool technology.

I really hope that The Mr. and I can stay in this place one of these days...**sponsorship please wink* wink**

So that I can wear this outfit that I put together for this challenge.

#CosmopolitanChic @ Day

#CosmopolitanChic @ Night

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