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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Kitchen Needs a Backsplash

After a little over two years since we moved to our new home, The Mr. and I have come into a conclusion that...
our kitchen needs a backsplash

We've never installed a backsplash in the kitchen.  
We did not think that the kitchen needed one at that time and we did not have a budget for that.

Fast forward to today.

This is how our wall against the sink without a backsplash looks like.
The wall has been splashed with water so much it resulted to a spongy wall.  I had to spackle that part to prevent from it to becoming worse.

And because I was in a panic mode when I spackled this, it now looks so slobby.

Everytime I see it while doing the dishes, it makes me want to cry.

One thing I learned --- install a backsplash as soon as you can afford it.

Now, we gotta have a backsplash sooner than later!

We don't want to make things worse in the kitchen.  This is the space where I spend most of the time apart from the laundry room and it would be really helpful and would be very inspiring for me to cook if I have the backsplash to protect the walls from the splash and spills once and for all.

Aggg...I need all the inspiration and encouragement to get this done.

Plus I need a peace of mind....
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