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Monday, September 29, 2014

[Guest Post] How To Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy and Romantic

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, wellness and interior design. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym or playing with her Australian Shepard.

How To Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy and Romantic

Have you been searching for home decorating ideas for your master bedroom? If you are looking to make your bedroom a sanctuary that is cozy and romantic, there are a few basic tips that can help you accomplish this goal. Once you have the essential ideas in place, you can use your own creativity to have the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

Lower the ceiling without renovation
Visually speaking, one of the ways to create a cozy space is to limit its size. In a bedroom, one of the best ways to do this is with hanging curtains. While you will need to avoid ceiling fans, you can attach loose fabric or curtains to the ceiling that are anchored to the middle of the wall. This will create a tent effect that will add instant sexiness to any interior space. To heighten the feeling of romance, use silky fabrics or crisp white linens.

Flameless candles for effect
Throughout the world, human beings tend to agree that candles create a romantic effect. However, instead of creating extra heat or a fire hazard, use flameless candles. Due to their popularity, candle holders for flameless candle come in a wide variety of pattern and color options.

Use sensual fabrics for bedding
Do you prefer flannel sheets? Do not forget that touch is an important part of creating sensuality in the bedroom. Although you will not want to sacrifice any comfort by parting with flannel sheets, consider other fabrics elsewhere. In particular, shimmery comforters and pillows will capture the light and add to the candlelit effect. You can gain this look by using silk, satin, and iridescent fabrics.

Install a light dimmer
While it may require the help of a professional electrician, installing a dimmer in your bedroom light fixture is an affordable way to make your bedroom sexy. Since you are already hiring an electrician, this could also be a good excuse to install more romantic light fixtures. For instance, a chandelier definitely gives a room a cozy and romantic look at the same time.

Create a romantic headboard
When your bedroom is fully decorated and the lights are low, you can add more coziness by building a headboard for the bed. Instead of getting out the power tools to create one from wood, consider hanging three hooks in a pyramid shape on the wall behind the head of the bed. Once the hooks are screwed in place, you can drape several yards of fabric over them to finish your flowing new headboard.

Use a French countryside theme
Considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world, the embellishments and accessories behind French countryside decor is also very affordable. One of the ways you can get started with this look is by adding white lace and ruffles around the room. Other keys are adding various shades of the color blue and unfinished wooden accents. If you want to go full throttle with this rustic yet romantic look, you could add barn door hardware to your current bedroom door.

Get the temperature right
How can a room be romantic or cozy when it is freezing all winter and swampy all summer? One other professional that you may want to hire is an HVAC specialist. They can get the temperature right in your master bedroom with a variety of techniques. They may not be able to install a fireplace in your condo, but they will be able to get the room toastier or cooler.

Hire an interior decorator
In some cases, your artistic skills will fail you because you need a major overhaul of your bedroom. While most homeowners can get the romantic bedroom look without major reconstruction, do not be afraid to throw in the towel. With professional help, you can have professionals come into your home with a project plan that the interior designer helps you to create. Interior designers can answer your questions about which walls need removing, what designs the ceilings could have, and final touches concerning flooring, wall color, or windows.

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