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Monday, September 29, 2014

[Guest Post] How To Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy and Romantic

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, wellness and interior design. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym or playing with her Australian Shepard.

How To Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy and Romantic

Have you been searching for home decorating ideas for your master bedroom? If you are looking to make your bedroom a sanctuary that is cozy and romantic, there are a few basic tips that can help you accomplish this goal. Once you have the essential ideas in place, you can use your own creativity to have the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

Lower the ceiling without renovation
Visually speaking, one of the ways to create a cozy space is to limit its size. In a bedroom, one of the best ways to do this is with hanging curtains. While you will need to avoid ceiling fans, you can attach loose fabric or curtains to the ceiling that are anchored to the middle of the wall. This will create a tent effect that will add instant sexiness to any interior space. To heighten the feeling of romance, use silky fabrics or crisp white linens.

Flameless candles for effect
Throughout the world, human beings tend to agree that candles create a romantic effect. However, instead of creating extra heat or a fire hazard, use flameless candles. Due to their popularity, candle holders for flameless candle come in a wide variety of pattern and color options.

Use sensual fabrics for bedding
Do you prefer flannel sheets? Do not forget that touch is an important part of creating sensuality in the bedroom. Although you will not want to sacrifice any comfort by parting with flannel sheets, consider other fabrics elsewhere. In particular, shimmery comforters and pillows will capture the light and add to the candlelit effect. You can gain this look by using silk, satin, and iridescent fabrics.

Install a light dimmer
While it may require the help of a professional electrician, installing a dimmer in your bedroom light fixture is an affordable way to make your bedroom sexy. Since you are already hiring an electrician, this could also be a good excuse to install more romantic light fixtures. For instance, a chandelier definitely gives a room a cozy and romantic look at the same time.

Create a romantic headboard
When your bedroom is fully decorated and the lights are low, you can add more coziness by building a headboard for the bed. Instead of getting out the power tools to create one from wood, consider hanging three hooks in a pyramid shape on the wall behind the head of the bed. Once the hooks are screwed in place, you can drape several yards of fabric over them to finish your flowing new headboard.

Use a French countryside theme
Considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world, the embellishments and accessories behind French countryside decor is also very affordable. One of the ways you can get started with this look is by adding white lace and ruffles around the room. Other keys are adding various shades of the color blue and unfinished wooden accents. If you want to go full throttle with this rustic yet romantic look, you could add barn door hardware to your current bedroom door.

Get the temperature right
How can a room be romantic or cozy when it is freezing all winter and swampy all summer? One other professional that you may want to hire is an HVAC specialist. They can get the temperature right in your master bedroom with a variety of techniques. They may not be able to install a fireplace in your condo, but they will be able to get the room toastier or cooler.

Hire an interior decorator
In some cases, your artistic skills will fail you because you need a major overhaul of your bedroom. While most homeowners can get the romantic bedroom look without major reconstruction, do not be afraid to throw in the towel. With professional help, you can have professionals come into your home with a project plan that the interior designer helps you to create. Interior designers can answer your questions about which walls need removing, what designs the ceilings could have, and final touches concerning flooring, wall color, or windows.

photo credits: all labeled for reuse on Google
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Friday, September 26, 2014

[Fashion Friday] Relax into Fall

Relax into Fall

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Kitchen Needs a Backsplash

After a little over two years since we moved to our new home, The Mr. and I have come into a conclusion that...
our kitchen needs a backsplash

We've never installed a backsplash in the kitchen.  
We did not think that the kitchen needed one at that time and we did not have a budget for that.

Fast forward to today.

This is how our wall against the sink without a backsplash looks like.
The wall has been splashed with water so much it resulted to a spongy wall.  I had to spackle that part to prevent from it to becoming worse.

And because I was in a panic mode when I spackled this, it now looks so slobby.

Everytime I see it while doing the dishes, it makes me want to cry.

One thing I learned --- install a backsplash as soon as you can afford it.

Now, we gotta have a backsplash sooner than later!

We don't want to make things worse in the kitchen.  This is the space where I spend most of the time apart from the laundry room and it would be really helpful and would be very inspiring for me to cook if I have the backsplash to protect the walls from the splash and spills once and for all.

Aggg...I need all the inspiration and encouragement to get this done.

Plus I need a peace of mind....
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Guest Post] Redecorate on a Budget

About the Author: Tim's Bio: Tim Smith writes for Modernize, a website dedicated to helping homeowners build and maintain the home of their dreams. Prior to becoming a writer, Tim worked as a contractor. In his free time, Tim enjoys traveling and spending time with his 3 kids!

Redecorate on a Budget
Dreaming of redecorating? We're sure your heart says yes, but unfortunately it might be the case that your wallet says no, ma'am. Sigh. Rather than focusing on what you can’t do, turn your attention to all the ways you can redecorate without spending a lot of money. We promise: it's possible. Read on to find out how.
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Conduct a no-cost room design

This approach will not cost you a penny and still give the room a facelift. All it takes is some time and effort on your part.
Your first task is to take everything out of the room that isn’t nailed down. That includes area rugs and wall art. When everything is out of the space, clean the walls and floors. This provides you with a blank space that looks and feels fresh.
Look around the house for elements that you can use in the room redesign. Don’t be afraid to break up sets in order to add some life to the room. For example, you may have an overstuffed chair in the bedroom that would look great in your new living room. The only problem is that there would be no room for the loveseat.
Haul that chair down to the living room and move the sofa back in to create a nice conversation area. You’ll find another place for the loveseat later.
Continue the process by pulling other accents from different areas around the home. Maybe it’s time to dust off those table lamps in the attic and use them for awhile. Some of the artwork that has been in the back of the closet can now see the light of day. You may even want to switch out the area rug you had in the living room for the one in the dining room.

Paint the walls

One of the most inexpensive ways to add life to a room is to change the wall color, or at least accent it in some way. If you really like the color but would like to add some detail, consider using a stencil to create a border. That border can be near the ceiling and help to pull the eye upward, or you can position it at the same height you would use for a chair rail.
For people who really want to try something to add texture, consider rag painting. Choose a color that will work with the wall color you already have. Knot an old shirt or other rag and dip it in the new paint. Use the rag to create interesting swirls and other designs on the walls. This takes a fraction of the time needed to apply a coat with a roller, and adds visual interest to the walls.

Buy some discount sheets

Check with a local discount store and see what they have in the way of flat sheets on sale. You can use those sheets to create new window treatments, cloths for a dining table, or even to dress an accent wall in the home. To keep it simple, invest in clip-on shower curtain rings that you can use to mount the sheets on a simple rod.

Hit the yard sales

Accessories add a lot to a room. If you don’t have some things tucked way, go to a few yard sales. You can pick up interesting decorating accents like books, silk greenery, framed art, and even something unusual to add some kick to the space. For example, if you come across an old decorative screen door at a cheap price, take it home and spray paint it to match the color scheme. You’ll have new piece of wall art for next to nothing.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stylish Car Bumper Magnets, and a giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago Build A Sign's products that I selected in order for me to facilitate the review has arrived in my doorstep.

When I finally opened the envelope, I was impressed.
There are multiple ways you can order your sign from their website.
  * You can order from their existing designs

  * You can customize one of their existing designs by choosing different colors, fonts and even words.
* You can create your own design from scratch by simply choosing from their available colors, fonts, words or cliparts.

  * You can also upload your own image

On all of my items, I customized it to suit my need.  I have two plates and two different kinds of stickers.  

I immediately adhered the "I'd rather be running" sticker onto the minivan and it looks great!
I mean...I really need to run..hehe...
What this sticker is a motivation for me to actually run and be healthy.  Yeah, Yeah I did the color blaze and that was a good start to keep this going.

For The Mr., since he is into biking. 
I got him this this really cool sticker that I placed on his car.
Oh why not we become #1 MOM and #1 DAD right?!
Love love the plates and stickers.

What's sweeter about this deal is Build A Sign is giving you an opportunity to get your own.

Here's a chance to win a $25 worth of Build A Sign egift card!
A winner will be chosen at random on September 19th 2014.

What are you waiting for!??  Join the raffle below.  Goodluck!
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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned Build A Sign products to try in order for me to facilitate the review.  However, everything that this post contains are my own genuine experience/opinion.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY | Stylish Storage Boxes

You have seen my round up of 20 Minimal & Stylish Home Offices not too long ago and I was so inspired by all the little things "stylish" in there.

Okay, this is not much but this project makes me feel so giddy inside.

I worked on some boxes to make it stylish for storage in the office.
Although some people might not totally get why do I have to have a "stylish" or "pretty" storage box when a box is after all..just a box.

Well..yeah...a box is just a box...

But for me, what makes me happy are things that are pretty, stylish, beautiful, clean, organized - in short - eye candy.

And what it does is - it makes me want to keep it that way.  Handled with care.

Anyway, these boxes can be any boxes that you can find in your home.
I picked all of my wrapping papers from TJ Maxx because they are stylish, inexpensive and continuously large in size.

I decided to wrap the boxes and the lids with different wrapping papers to add an appeal to it but you can always go for the same wrapping papers for both the lid and box if you want.
Wrapping these boxes were just like wrapping a regular gift box.  I used scotch tape everywhere that I thought is needed.

Then I was done.  
I love Megan and Amy's tutorial how to cover any kind of boxes.  Go ahead and check it out because those two are my reference while I was wrapping these boxes.

So happy!  Now, I have to find more boxes to wrap.

Until then.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review | A Real Baby for My Little Lady

My little lady is just growing super fast and although she likes to play with her older brother, she loves to play with her dolls and sometimes have tea party with me.

Last month, I received the Baby Alive Doll from being a BzzAgent and what a wonderful opportunity it is to try it.
BABY ALIVE: My Baby All Gone
While I was trying to open the box, the kids, especially my daughter, were hovering me.

When she finally saw it, she had mixed emotions!
What a special moment to be able to capture her different reactions.

The kids cannot wait to play with it while I was taking it out from the box and figuring out how to use it.
The package came in with a couple of diapers, food packages, spoon and a sippy cup.

Okay here's what the doll is supposed to be -  a real baby. 

My son immediately mix the food with water so they can feed the BABY ALIVE®, because once the doll's power button was on, it started to request for food.

While my daughter and I helped each other to put on the baby doll's diaper.
My kids just look so cute feeding the doll and I feel so amused about the whole thing.  
You can definitely tell from the pictures that my kids are having so much fun!

Then the doll would say, "did i make a stinky" or "Uh-oh! I made a poo-poo", that prompted us all to check the doll's diaper.

That's where all the laughing began!  We all thought it was weird and funny to have a doll that actually pee or poop!
And yes she did!  So we changed her diaper and by the time we were done, the doll was thirsty.
Then I realized why we were doing this on the carpeted part of the house! 

Oh well, the kids had so much fun, especially my daughter!

They pretty much used up all the diapers and all the baby food because the baby doll won't stop asking for it.

My opinion about this whole baby alive?
It was really fun to watch the kids nurture the doll while giggling but for me it was just so messy and so much work to clean up after.

I will not buy anymore food for this doll or diaper as well because cleaning the doll was all on Mommy.

For me, this kind of doll would be very good for bigger kids that knows how to clean up afterwards.  Otherwise, I don't recommend it to smaller kids.

• the kids love it and enjoyed it
• the doll was interactive - asks for food or water then tells you to check her diaper
• allows the child to nurture the doll 

• expensive to maintain - you have to purchase diapers & food
• the doll's voice is too loud - no control to lower or higher it
• a little messy because the food stays in the mouth instead of going down

Disclosure: As a BzzAgent, I received 1 BABY ALIVE® with 2 diapers, 2 bags of food, spoon & sippy cup to try in order for me to facilitate the review.  However, everything that this post contains are my own genuine experience/opinion.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Awesome Experience | Color Blaze Running Event

Over the weekend, I had experienced one of the best times in my life!

I joined the running event called Color Blaze with my girlfriends!
Color Blaze is a relaxed non-competitive running event for everybody.
That being said, we were not worried about us not being super active at all because we can either walk, jog or run without time limit.

The only preparation that we had to do before this event was to go out at least 2 times a week to walk or jog or run for a couple of miles or three.

Then on the day of the even, we woke up feeling goofy already.
Registered and got our shirts and the colored powder.

As soon as we got a hold of those bags of colored powder... 

We went wild!  
After 5 minutes, we looked like this...
To make it official, we have to have our picture taken by the start line.
That part was super fun, throwing color powder at each other!

and laughing

and running around like kids!

dancing zumba!

By the time the event started, we were worn out.
Yeah, it took us a while to finish...

But we did finish it...with a smile in our face...
It was really a liberating, wonderful and exciting experience.

We are already thinking of doing it again when it comes back here.

For the event in our city their charity partner is Ronald McDonald House.

Have you or would you go for this kind of fun?
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