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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Organized | School Papers Storage

I thought I would never be done with this whole school paper purging process.

While I was in the middle of that, I also tackled our own files.

But before we get sidetracked with the whole mess of our own paper files, let me show you the awesomeness of my kids school papers storage.
Jen's system inspired me so much and so I bought 2 plastic file boxes from Walmart for about $7 each and a box of hanging folders from Office Depot also about $7.
There are also nicer file boxes like this on amazon.
I chose clear and plastic because I like it.

Next, I created my own gender-neutral cover sheet on picmonkey.
Click here for a FREE download of this School Papers Cover..
Filled the cover sheet with all the information needed plus my kids' photos.
Each hanging folder has a cover sheet for all school years up to 8th grade for both my daughter and my son.  All cover sheets were adhered to the hanging folders using a magic tape - Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 300 Inches, 3 Pack (3105)
This makes it more manageable to store all their school papers.

Since I only bought one color of hanging folders and it would be unidentifiable which one's which when the lids are back.

I created labels for the lids, also in picmonkey.  Cut it out and adhered it on a scrapbook paper - pink for her and blue for him - using a double-sided tape like this - Scotch Permanent Double Sided Tape, 1/2 x 250 Inches 3-Pack Caddy(3136)
Now that they are identifiable thru the lids, what if the lids were switched?

So I adhered the same kind of scrapbook on the INSIDE short sides of the file boxes using magic tape again.

And now.
There is no way that these file boxes will be switched anymore.

There are extra hanging folders that I kept inside the file boxes just in case we needed more of that down the road.  
And it looks like we do have enough space for each of them.  

These file boxes can be stored side by side.
Or stacked.
Now that we have this organized school paper storage in placed, I think putting away the school papers would not be as burdensome as it used to be.

What a huge relief!

For more inspiring organizing ideas, click on the "organized spaces" tab above this page.

Thanks for stopping by, until then.
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  1. What a great idea! I have 4 kids and my youngest is now going to Kindergarten. So far, I haven't found a way to effectively organized their artwork and works. This will perfectly work for us! Please wish me luck!

    1. thanks Rozelyn, organizing papers is very challenging as a whole actually! goodluck to your organizing!

  2. Those are pretty great! Pinned it!

  3. What a great idea, Rea...thanks for sharing it! It seems no matter where one is in school or life, the paper clutter can quickly become overwhelming. Love your idea and enjoy your blog. Cheryl

    1. i agree with you cheryl, paper clutter is overwhelming and to think we are in a paperless era they said..

      thanks for stopping by♥ i'm glad you enjoy my blog!


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