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Saturday, August 16, 2014

His First Day of First Grade

Last Thursday was my son's first day of school and I can still remember how his first day of kindergarten felt.

But this time, it was exciting and official!

That this little boy has now grown to become a young man.  

He grew like a mushroom!
He woke up even before his alarm clock goes off.  Yes, he already has his own alarm.

So we had a little bit of time to take some pictures in our porch!  After 4 clicks, he's practically done with this picture-taking session.
Then got ready for school.  So glad that this young man still let me walk to his classroom.

I hope he does good this year as much as he did last year.  Although that kindergarten just went by too fast but we noticed how much he has learn.

Goodluck to you Franz and we pray for a very healthy, knowledgeable and fun school year for you.

We love you so much.
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