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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Her First Day of PreSchool

Now this little miss diva deserves a special post of her own.

As my son went to his first day of first grade last Thursday, this little pretty girl went last Friday for her first day of preschool.

I'm so glad that her and her older brother did not have to go to school on the same day.  

I wouldn't know how to handle my emotions if they did.

Anyway, she woke up excited knowing that she's going to school that day!
We even had time to take pictures to document her very first day of preschool.
Off we went to school.

When we got to her classroom, she was all about going inside and mingle with the other kids!

I have to ask her to stand by their classroom door for me to take a picture.
Just that, she just went in without even giving me hugs and kisses.

So I said:  "Give me a big hug and a kiss baby."  She did that then said "bye Mommy"

So much difference between her and her older brother.  My son, on his first day of preschool, he hold on to me like like he was so scared of maybe thinking that I will never come back to pick him up.

But this little girl, I can tell she's ready.  Maybe because she sees her brother go to school and that it is cool and fun to do that and it is okay to be away from Mommy and Daddy.

While the other kids were too busy being sad and clinging to their moms...

Here she is, rocking that paint board!
I had mixed emotions leaving her that day.

Although I am happy that she is very independent and is very ready to be in school, part of me felt that I want her to still need me...and that she does not have to grow that fast.  Then the next thing I know, my tears were falling down on my cheeks.

You little girl will always be my baby.

We wish you a fun-filled, exciting and healthy preschool for you Reanne!

We love you so much.
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