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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Organized | School Papers Storage

I thought I would never be done with this whole school paper purging process.

While I was in the middle of that, I also tackled our own files.

But before we get sidetracked with the whole mess of our own paper files, let me show you the awesomeness of my kids school papers storage.
Jen's system inspired me so much and so I bought 2 plastic file boxes from Walmart for about $7 each and a box of hanging folders from Office Depot also about $7.
There are also nicer file boxes like this on amazon.
I chose clear and plastic because I like it.

Next, I created my own gender-neutral cover sheet on picmonkey.
Click here for a FREE download of this School Papers Cover..
Filled the cover sheet with all the information needed plus my kids' photos.
Each hanging folder has a cover sheet for all school years up to 8th grade for both my daughter and my son.  All cover sheets were adhered to the hanging folders using a magic tape - Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 300 Inches, 3 Pack (3105)
This makes it more manageable to store all their school papers.

Since I only bought one color of hanging folders and it would be unidentifiable which one's which when the lids are back.

I created labels for the lids, also in picmonkey.  Cut it out and adhered it on a scrapbook paper - pink for her and blue for him - using a double-sided tape like this - Scotch Permanent Double Sided Tape, 1/2 x 250 Inches 3-Pack Caddy(3136)
Now that they are identifiable thru the lids, what if the lids were switched?

So I adhered the same kind of scrapbook on the INSIDE short sides of the file boxes using magic tape again.

And now.
There is no way that these file boxes will be switched anymore.

There are extra hanging folders that I kept inside the file boxes just in case we needed more of that down the road.  
And it looks like we do have enough space for each of them.  

These file boxes can be stored side by side.
Or stacked.
Now that we have this organized school paper storage in placed, I think putting away the school papers would not be as burdensome as it used to be.

What a huge relief!

For more inspiring organizing ideas, click on the "organized spaces" tab above this page.

Thanks for stopping by, until then.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get Inspired | 20 Minimal & Stylish Home Offices

When I am working on a space, aside from my own vision on how to create or transform it, I look in the www to get inspiration, specifically blogs.

There are a lot of inspiring blogs out there, trust me.

I like minimal because of the small space that I have to work with.  And it is going to be a shared space with The Mr.  But I am not going to compromise style.

I know when the space really inspires me when I feel so annoyed by how stunning it is...

then my mouth drops a saliva uncontrollably...

that I keep on looking back at that photo...

every single detail of it...

and then I become restless...

because my brain is just full of inspiration...

that my body has to implement it...

While doing it, I would like to kind of pin it on my mind and try to remember what specific things that inspired me on that photo. 

Sometimes I will remember it, other times most of the times I don't.

It kind of confuses me...

which blog was it, that I really like the table? 

or which blog was it, that I really like the lamp? the chair? the wall art?

So today, I've finally decided to document it here on my blog so I can go back into one place and their links will direct me to their specific post. 

Plus it will remind me what I love about their space.

And lucky you! You can drool with me too!
1 Oh love, love this office space of Homey Oh My! I especially love that striped accent wall and the gold-painted brackets.  Not to mention that ghost chair, who doesn't want that!
2 There is no kidding how much I love about this closet office by Design Addict Mom.  Look at that stylish wallpaper!  How about just a white chair with pink and gold accents.
3 I am totally in love with Grey and Scout's chair plus that soft and comfy thing on top of it.   That desk is super minimal and so sleek, perfect for my space at home.
4 What I love about this office space of Home Coming is that floating shelf on the right and also that cork with striped cork on the wall and the pops of pink on her desk.
5 I am so mad why we do not have IKEA here in my city!  But Two Twenty One drove two hours to get to their nearest IKEA just to get the expedit and I might just do it because that's how far the closest IKEA is from my home.  But it would totally be worthy because I needed that kind of storage with those white storage boxes.
6 Or on the second thought, maybe I don't need to drive that far because Just A Girl got her shelving units from Staples.  I like her pegboard in the middle that holds her craft supplies.
7 Now this office space of A Little Sussy via design sponge is so sleek and clean.  I like the sleek white desk with white lamp and is that gold paper tray?
8 It is the whole look of Emily Clark's home office that's what I'm digging!  I love her gray walls with that colorful down to the floor curtains.
9 I might have to do this wallpapered file cabinet by Casey Green, it gives a regular file cabinet a little "something".
10 My oh my, what's not to love about gold and pink color combination by Atta Girl Says.
11 Centsational Girl is so lucky to own this beautiful home office.  I love that x-leg desk and that geometric curtain is to die for.  You should check out the rest of her office because she's got tons of storage because of IKEA expedits.
12 You won't believe that this craft nook used to be an old headboard transformed by Fancy Frugal Life.  I like how fun the colors she used and most especially the use of pegboard.
13 The wall organizer made out of metal radiator grate that I Heart Organizing painted in gold makes me want to go to Home Depot pronto and create my own version of it.
14 Why would you buy expensive stuff when you can thrift it all out like The Brick House's home office, via design sponge.
15 Totally love this chair from A House Full of Sunshine, spray-painting items is just as good as brand new items.  When she purchased $5 cleaning caddies and painted it black with a chalkboard label, it made a big impact! 
16 There is nothing more original than Persia Lou's, via craftaholic quote wallpaper which is made of what? yeah plain white cardstock, but the outcome is nothing plain at all!  The rest of the room is full of awesomeness, which by the way she also used a large pegboard to hold her craft supplies.
17 How cool is this round cork board that Fawn & Forrest called "functional artwork".  This blog is my new favorite because there is no kidding about how stylish and modern the design style is.
18 Paper Scissor Oranges via design sponge home office chair is for some people is too bold of an orange color but that shape is very cool and comfy for me.  I also like how she used a long desk that allows much larger work space.
19 My favorites on Meredith & Gwyneth's office space is a long list.  I love the paint swatch calendar, the frame art that says "i love you blogs and coffee", the gold pot, the pink frog attached to the lid and so on and so forth.
20 And when I grow up, I SO WANT NEED to have an office exactly like Yasam Stil.  It is so my style - divine white, clean lines, minimal, pink, a touch of glam like her chandelier.  I super love love love this space!  She does not know yet, but I am packing my things and moving in to her house♥
Oh wait, wait!  Here's a towel for you to wipe your saliva that is dropping uncontrollably from your mouth!

I hope you had fun with this post and also hope you were inspired by all the awesomeness of the photos and the office spaces that I shared.

Until then.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Storage Unlocked | How to Store Everything

If you have not known by now yet or you are a newbie here...

I am very passionate about organizing.

Organizing comes hand in hand with storing and I am so glad I've seen this graphic from Next Door Storage where it talked about how to store everything.

Yes! Everything people! From makeup to medicines to meat on your refrigerator or freezer.

It is very helpful so here check it out.

If you are looking for more inspiration on how to get started with organizing your home, click on my Organized Spaces tab above this page.

Here's some of my most popular & most pinned organized spaces.
 organized pots, pans, & lids
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Her First Day of PreSchool

Now this little miss diva deserves a special post of her own.

As my son went to his first day of first grade last Thursday, this little pretty girl went last Friday for her first day of preschool.

I'm so glad that her and her older brother did not have to go to school on the same day.  

I wouldn't know how to handle my emotions if they did.

Anyway, she woke up excited knowing that she's going to school that day!
We even had time to take pictures to document her very first day of preschool.
Off we went to school.

When we got to her classroom, she was all about going inside and mingle with the other kids!

I have to ask her to stand by their classroom door for me to take a picture.
Just that, she just went in without even giving me hugs and kisses.

So I said:  "Give me a big hug and a kiss baby."  She did that then said "bye Mommy"

So much difference between her and her older brother.  My son, on his first day of preschool, he hold on to me like like he was so scared of maybe thinking that I will never come back to pick him up.

But this little girl, I can tell she's ready.  Maybe because she sees her brother go to school and that it is cool and fun to do that and it is okay to be away from Mommy and Daddy.

While the other kids were too busy being sad and clinging to their moms...

Here she is, rocking that paint board!
I had mixed emotions leaving her that day.

Although I am happy that she is very independent and is very ready to be in school, part of me felt that I want her to still need me...and that she does not have to grow that fast.  Then the next thing I know, my tears were falling down on my cheeks.

You little girl will always be my baby.

We wish you a fun-filled, exciting and healthy preschool for you Reanne!

We love you so much.
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