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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Travel Money Saving Tip | Decant Toiletries

Travelling can be fun but it can also be expensive.

Whether you fly, float or drive - it is easy to get sidetracked with the little expenses that are not necessary.

But in order to save on money when we travel, I always plan and prepare ahead of time.

Let me share something that I always do.

Instead of buying overpriced travel-sized toiletries, I decant what we have at home to dollar store bottles.
Using my label maker, I printed off what's what inside for easy identification.

You can decant almost anything:
* shampoo
* conditioner
* kids soap
* lotion
* baby oil
* cologne
* or any liquid for that matter.

Especially when you only go for overnight or go to the pool, these toiletries come in handy.

I have done it in the past where we purchased travel-sized toiletries and when we come back home, we forget about all the left-over and eventually toss them all in the trash.

Plus, when you travel on a plane, there are certain restrictions as to how much you can carry on board in terms of anything liquid.  You may want to check TSA website for more details before travelling.

Another thing that we do is we take home the little bottles of toiletries that is provided in the hotel room that we stayed in.  

But be careful to not overdo this thing, it can easily border on theft.  

So only the toiletries - not the towel - not the blanket - not the!

You can stuff a lot of things on these little bottles such as:
* cotton buds 
* band aids
* ear buds
* hair clips/hair ties
* extra coins

Saving money is important to me and my family, especially now that we are trying to pay off our debts.  So little savings such as this is something that is also as important as big savings like the 5 common things NOT to do to avoid spending money.

So I hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Until then.
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