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Monday, July 14, 2014

Road Trip Entertainment for Kids

When the weather is this good, all we can think about is hit that road.

Road trips can be fun but a little bit challenging too.

Especially when you have younger kids.   A 6-year old boy and a 3-year old girl.

These kids have to have something.  

So here's a list of my personal choice of road trip entertainment for kids.

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Video Watching
Remember that you don't have to rent, you can borrow dvds from the library and play it on a portable dvd player.

Library has a wide variety of dvds that you can borrow.  Even your child's favorite tv show like Max and Ruby, Dora, Octonauts, Umi Zoomi, Spider Man, Avengers, Ninja Turtles, etc.

Prefer renting a dvd that has a series of your child's favorite show to meet up a child's attention span than an actual movie with a viewing length of about 2 hours .

Color Books
Just pick up dollar store coloring books & crayons or color pens for them to work on.  My trick is to not show these items to my kids to add the element of surprise.
Aside from allowing your child improve her/his motor skills, this activity is also quite, providing The Mr. and I a couple's talk while on the road.

Small Action Figures & Dolls
Girls like to dress up and fix a doll's hair so this would be great while boys like to have their action figures do some stunts while making up some sounds and sometimes stories.

Play Dough
I know what you're saying.  Yes this thing is truly messy but why do I chose this?
Play dough is one of those things that can provide an open-ended play time.  Oftentimes, longer than shorter.  So with that being said, it occupies your child's mind and forgetting where he/she is at.

This also allows your child to discover their imagination and creativity because of the play dough's malleable texture.  Unlike other toys that they can be frustrated, this on the contrary is calming because it is squeezable, separable and flexible.

Glow Sticks
Who does not want glow sticks right?  I got those that are bendable and can be a necklace or a bracelet.  I'm sure this is going to be a hit when the road is dark.

Magnetic Dolls (girls)
Like I said, my little girl likes to dress up her dolls and she really enjoys magnetic dolls with changeable outfit.  I did not even bought this one because my friend, Jenny, when she went to dollar store to get some stuff for her granddaughter, she also got this for my daughter.

Whether your child knows how to read or not, books can still entertain them.  Pictures of course!  Preferably smaller and less bulky ones but with photos that interest or stimulate your child's imagination.
Lift the flap books like this one are also fun.

Stickers & Sticker Book
Kids love stickers!  They even love scotch tape!  My kids get excited when they see me using the scotch tape because they always want to have some.  

They probably develop that obsession of anything adhesive when they had their first band-aid.  

You just don't know how excited they get when we pass by the first-aid section and see countless band-aid selection.  #bandaidobsession

I'm thankful though that she is are not obsessed with shoes or purses or he is not obsessed with real cars already.

Video Games
Last but not the least are video games.  My son is into video games already and he likes to play his nintendo 3ds.

And place all these inside a bag.  Yeah, it has to be a halloween bag, otherwise they will not be entertained. #sarcasm

Really any kind of bag available that can hold all these items should be fine.
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Tip:  The longer the trip, the more entertainment you need.

There you have it.  I hope my kids will be entertained when we finally hit the road trip.

What about you? Do you have other entertainment for kids when you go on a road trip?

Let us hear it.

**Update: Want to see how I made those kids travel trays? click here.
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